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KepTabs: a Motivational Buddy in the Palm of Your Hand

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: Weight loss. Strange how those two simple words can strike fear into the arts of even the most active person. Research suggests many weight loss plans fail due to lack of motivation. If you have ever had this problem, or if you are serious about weight loss, you want to get […]


Serving Up the Formula for Success

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: Formula iPhone app Video Review As of 2008 there were 7.7 million workers employed in serving positions in the United States alone. If you look globally, those numbers only go up. It’s no wonder that the developers at Digital Stampede came together to create an amazing app to help bartenders, baristas […]


BooksVirtual: Readers and Writers United

Tweet Price: Free Rating: BooksVirtual iPhone App Video Review There’s nothing like a good book: flipping the pages, soaking in every well-appointed word, the back strain from carting them around like so much antiquated luggage… Now you can say goodbye to the painful aspects of loving books with BooksVirtual, an iPhone app from that […]