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TellUWhat: the Sassy Seventh Grade Diss Makes a Comeback

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: TellUWhat iPhone App Video Review If you have ever had the urge to tell someone, “I heard you dressed like a tape dispenser,” or, “You fart like an aggressive chukka stick” then you are in luck. Hilarity awaits you in the TellUWhat iPhone app from Third i Development CC is chock […]


Phone Helper Shoots Up Digits Like Einstein On Safari

Tweet Price: $ .99 Rating: Phone Helper, by developer François Deschenes, is the kind of utility for the iPhone that you might never have known you needed until you gave it a try. It’s a simple offering that makes it easy to send telephone numbers from your desktop to your mobile device, smoothing over a […]


Children’s ABC: Modern Learning Methods and Old School Charm for Your iPhone

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: Parents have every right to be selective when downloading educational apps for their children. In iTunes every other app insists that they are the best, the latest, the most effective, etc. The things that set apps apart now are the details, and the Children’s ABC iPhone app from Vivendo Software grasps […]