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RU Hip Enough 4 Ruby Translator?

Tweet Price: $ 4.99 Ruby Translator iPhone App Video Review Do u evr get txts like this n wonder what in the world they r saying? Or do you have the opposite problem: Are you constantly sending texts in heavy shorthand, and have problems communicating with those a little less text-savvy? No matter what your […]


Oh Greetings: Mobile Shopping, Hands-on Results

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Going to the store to buy greeting cards is so passé. Now you can shop for, customize, buy and send unique greetings from your iPhone with Oh Greetings from OhGreetings Cards Inc. Features: The Oh Greetings iPhone app lets you shop for greeting cards on your phone, then send an actual […]


Minkaboos: the Kid-Friendly Talking iPhone App

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: There’s a reason talking iPhone apps have been so popular the past few years. Hearing your words mimicked back in fun voices is instantly gratifying and amusing. Unfortunately not every talking iPhone app is appropriate for users of all ages. That’s why finding BumbleCat Games’ recently released kid-friendly talking iPhone app […]


Paint the Town Red with Street Tag

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Street Tag iPhone App Video Review …Or black, or green, or any color you want with Street Tag a new iPhone app from Channel 4. Developed in conjunction with Channel 4’s Street Summer programming focused on giving a voice to Britain’s thriving hip hop, street dancing and art community, Street Tag […]


Sullivan’s List: Like The Bucket List Only With Less Jack And More Hip Travel

Tweet Price: $2.99 Rating:  Sullivan’s List, by developer Lightning Publishing Limited, is the kind of iPhone app that sounds plain ridiculous, at least until you dive underneath its gorgeous exterior and feast on the festival-fattened meat and potatoes hidden beneath, which is exactly what we did in our iPhone app review. Culinary metaphors aside, Sullivan’s […]


Ninja Flier Pro: Tunnel Racing In Black Never Felt So Good

Tweet Price: $ .99 Rating:  Ninja Flier Pro, by developer FunVid Apps, offers a black-clad and unique approach to tunnel racing on the iPhone. The iPhone app offers frenetic gameplay and beautiful art style that are sometimes offset by the title’s bugginess, but the experience of my iPhone app review was still a ninja-quick blast. […]

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