Yippie Ki-Yay! It’s Time to Play Wild Wild Text!

Wild Wild Text app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: $.99

Think you have the fastest fingers in the West? Then rustle up your very own fruit or veggie character, it’s time to text it out in Wild Wild Text from where the quickest texter is the last one standing. So put on your boots, grab your ten gallon hat and let’s dig our spurs in to this iPhone app review.


Fast texting is the name of the game, as I found out pretty quickly during my iPhone app review of Wild Wild Text. The idea is to type the word faster than the computer, or the person you are playing against, or else meet your demise. If your world goes red it appears the fruit you are dueling with was faster than you and covered you in ketchup. Oh dear.

Things start out pretty simply in Wild Wild Text iPhone app, they get pretty hard along the trail. You can play the game in easy, normal or hard difficulties. There are 12 different dubious levels in the app where you use a customized avatar fruit or veggie to duke it out with the renegade produce of the Wild West. There is also a shootout mode where you can see how many baddies you can fell before getting ketchup in your eyes.

The first fruit to earn three points by typing the word quickest and accurately wins. Log in through Game Center to open up a whole world of fun including a leader board, in-game achievements and even a multi-player mode where you can test your texting skills against the world’s top tappers.


Wild Wild Text app review

Wild Wild Text

Graphics & Design:

I confess, customizing your own fruit or veggie is a lot of fun. Ever imagined a head of broccoli wearing pink pumps and sporting a pirate eye patch? How about a bunch of grapes rocking fuzzy bunny slippers?  I’ve never had a funnier vocabulary lesson in my life.

The graphics in Wild Wild Text iPhone app are relatively simple, but multiple Wild West backgrounds and a lot of cowboy-shiek fruit definitely add some flavor. In app controls are easy and navigating the app is a breeze. I have no design or layout complaints.

Fun Factor:

The amped up characters and global gameplay definitely give Wild Wild Text a competitive edge among other texting apps. There are 10,000 family-friendly words to challenge your entire family with in Wild Wild Text.

Whether you are trying to hone your text messaging skills, looking for a challenge or just want to improve your kids’ vocabulary, Wild Wild Text is a lot of fun. My only complaint is the reset time. Once you type a word correctly and win a round it takes a while for the scene to reset and the next word to cue up. Otherwise, I have no complaints.


Wild Wild Text iPhone app is available for $.99. That is a pretty good deal for an app with a lot of fun, customizable characters and educational opportunities. I think Wild Wild Text is well worth the investment.

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Wild Wild Text


Wild Wild Text iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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