Weekly Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Clock in, clock out: Yet another week done here at the iPhone App Review! We’re not ready to kick back just yet, though. We’re going to revel in nostalgia a bit before, bringing you our Top 5 iPhone and iPad apps of the week. But hold your horses, Pilgrim. Before we tuck into the meat and potatoes, take a sneak peak at some of the great apps we covered!

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

It was a fantastic week for games, as we reviewed the letter slinging fun of Wild Wild Text, the home improvement entertainment value that is Rock the Vegas, and the word slurping gameplay offered by Dekko. We also cruised through Hollywood with Green Screen Movie FX and improved your English with Learn English Reading Obama Vocab AB.

That’s all for our sneak peek, but don’t turn that dial! Check us out after the break for our Top 5 apps of the week in all their iOS glory!

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week



Capture – $ .99

No, this is not one of those things you have to fill out to register your account at PaddysMeatShack.com (You know, if that’s your thing). Instead, it’s an app that saves you both time and frustration by getting you to the iPhone’s video recorder lickity split.

Capture, which is fairly priced at a dollar in the App Store, sits in your dock—the developers even tell you to put it there—and when pressed, immediately starts recording video from the iPhone’s camera. This saves you several clicks as you first navigate to the video recorder, and then start recording, possibly missing the very thing you want to record. When you’re finished, exit the app and your video is saved to the gallery. It really is that simple.


POWER Platon

POWER Platon

POWER Platon – $9.99

There really needs to be a term for this kind of app. Coffee tablet? iPad book? Multimedia showcase? No matter what you call it, though, POWER Platon is a gorgeous collection of photos, information, and maps that really will sit well on your coffee table.

This app for the iPad is a collection of photographs of over 100 world leaders, taken be renowned photographer Platon. The app’s vivid interface gives you the portraits—which are often very striking—as well as additional information about each of the leaders. It’s a great (if slightly expensive) way to learn, and less face it—world leaders are bloody cool! And on top of that, having POWER Platon proudly displayed on your springboard is like having leather books on the bookshelf: You’ll look smarter for having it.


LoveBots: Kit Robots

LoveBots: Kit Robot – $1.99

Do you remember those Mr. PotatoHead dolls from your youth? The concept offered by LoveBots: Kit Robot is kind of like that, only way cooler and with more motor oil.

The app, which can be had for a chill two dollars in the App Store, allows you to drag and drop hundreds of different robot parts onto the main drawing board, creating your own unique android. Users can mix and match available assets to create whole new bits, and then combine those for even more original pieces. It’s like creating your own robot art, and its a staff favorite in Japan. That’s right: It’s big in Japan. We didn’t need another reason to grab it either.



Fring – Free

Are you tired of having twosomes in video chat? Wish you could bring a few more mates into the union, spicing up that dull conversation with some fresh faces? If so, be prepared to bring out the Fring: The longstanding off-brand video chat and VOIP service’s latest update brings a host of new (and incredibly useful) features.

With Fring’s latest update, users can now add up to four people to one video chat, bringing this party up to a five-some. We don’t have to tell you that’s more than FaceTime. Not only that, but Fring’s also packing calls and video chat over 3G, a sore spot with the stock video calling app. Not to mention the app is free, meaning you have no reason left to not get it. We’re already Fringing off: Why not join us?



Instacolor – $ .99

Take half a cup full of Instagram, scrape out the picture taking capabilities, then add the best bits of Color. Bake it at 375 for twenty minutes, and what do you get? Instacolor.

This one dollar gem in the App Store offers the best of both worlds, bringing you Instagram integration for quality photo viewing, as well as the location-specific power of Color. Use the app to see photos others have uploaded, or check your area for photographers within walking distance. It’s quick, social, and it looks gorgeous on the iPhone.


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