Weekly Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Time after time (Yes, we did just start this Top 5 iPhone and iPad apps roundup with a Cyndi Lauper reference) we do loads of app reviews. This week was no different, but now that it’s over, we’d like nothing more than to give our withered reviewing fingers a break. However, that wouldn’t be any fun at all! With that in mind, here’s your Top 5 Roundup, but first have a sneak peek at some of the great apps we covered:

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

It was a great week for games, as we showed you how to skate with Dream Skate, how to juggle your balls with Hold it Up, and how to slice like an Iron Chef with Perfect Slice HD. We also tracked Speed Tracker’s ability to track you, as well as Buncee Pro’s collage and creativity power potentials.

That’s all for the sneak peek, but don’t touch that dial! We’ve got a Top 5 just around the bend:

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

Cube Dog

Cube Dog

Cube Dog – Free

Remember those Tamagotchi pets you use to have as a kid? You know, those little virtual monsters that needed so much attention at the three in the morning? Yeah, Cube Dog is like that, only for your iPhone. And it won’t make you throw your coveted iDevice against a wall.

Cube Dog allows users to create their own cubist canines, and then play with them to their heart’s content. Each dog is fully three-dimensional, meaning you can spin and pinch around to poke and pet them from every possible angle. With over 50 included tricks (including a ninja repellant) there’s heaps of fun to be had here. Good luck convincing yourself you just have the app for your kids, though. It really is that fun.

Björk- Biophilia

Björk: Biophilia

Björk: Biophilia – Free

After (way too much) hullabaloo, the Norwegian Nightmare—if that’s not a phrase, I’m coining it—has returned with her hotly anticipated new album. If you were unaware, Björk’s latest offering is being packaged as an iOS app, dolling out new tracks as downloadable content with extras included.

The app itself is free, but the first track will set you back two bucks. If you’re feeling lucky, you can go ahead and reserve the whole album for ten dollars, receiving the new content when it rolls out. The extras packaged with the first tune area actually pretty cool (there’s a neat tunnel racing game) and even more goodies are promised to be in the works. If you’ve been waiting to sing karaoke along with Björk, there’s no better time to jump on the Biophilia train.




Infographics – Free

This universal offering by Column Five means you’ll never have to be without a good infographic while on the go. The app is a compilation of over 50 graphic funnies created by the company for its clients, all of which can be seen and enjoyed on your iDevice at no cost.

The app will especially appeal to graphic designers—there’s a lot of industry humor to be had here—but even laymen will appreciate some of the more common infographs. On the whole, Infographics is free, fun, and guaranteed to liven up your day. The next time you’re faced with a dull commute, why not give the app some thought?



SKTCH for iPad

SKTCH for iPad – $1.99

There are plenty of professional-grade sketching apps out there for the iPad, but what do you do when you want to get a little more abstract with your mobile art? The answer—you Jackson Pollock you—is to download SKTCH for iPad.

This two dollar gem for the iPhone’s big brother forsakes the usual brushes and layers and allows you to use 16 presets created by other graphic artists. Your works are made on both a two dimensional and three dimensional canvas, meaning you’re free to mix and match the splotches in the x, y, and zed axis. Your masterpieces are based off a blank photo in your gallery, and the end result is a work of art that’s angular, modern, and endlessly captivating.




Alfred – Free

Alfred is an app that walks the tender line between creepy and downright awesome. The app wants to be your personal, digital concierge, and for the most part it succeeds—how comfortable you are with this level of AI is a different matter entirely.

As you wander about town, the app tracks your Facebook statuses, Twitter posts, and check-ins, attempting to learn a bit more about you as it does so. The end result is an Alfred that knows you personally, and makes excellent suggestions for where you might like to next grab a bite to eat, or lounge with a beer. The app is being touted as “Pandora for real life,” and it’s not far off. The more Alfy learns, the better he gets, so download him now for best results.

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