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VIPorbit iPhone App Video Review

VIPorbit for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

There are heaps of business management apps out there. With so many productivity apps flooding the App Store, how on earth is a newcomer to carve a niche for itself? If VIPorbit, by developer VIPorbit Software, is any indicator, the secret is in heaps of customization, a wicked interface, and full-on social networking integration. VIPorbit isn’t perfect, but you can check out our full review below to discover all the goodies this bundle of business joy is packing.

Concept and Functionality

Do you need a basic to-do list manager, or super-sized calendar app to match all your phone calls, meetings, and rendezvous? VIPorbit has your back for each, offering all three from its daily dashboard panel. The app integrates with your calendar app and automatically tracks upcoming events, displaying them in one easy to read location. Some users are complaining of duplications between the stock calendar and VIPorbit, and though I didn’t experience this myself, it’s a distinct possibility. But there are tons of daily planner apps out there! Hell, I could just use a pen and pad to achieve the same thing. If that’s what you’re thinking, hold on to your pocket protector: VIPorbit’s got a crooked ace up its sleeve.

The app allows users to import their contacts and then customize them to their heart’s content. The app’s main focus are “orbits,” or groups that are separated by whatever criteria you desire. As you’re free to create your own categories for contacts, you could theoretically create orbits for just about anything. Manage your clients’ status, or keep the pecking order at the office solidified on your phone. It’s a novel concept, and one that’s made possible by the app’s endless customization. Is it a necessary function? Well, that remains to be seen, but it’s here nonetheless.


Design and Social Integration

VIPorbit for iPhone

VIPorbit for iPhone

VIPorbit’s other biggest strength is its absolutely killer menus. The layout of the app keeps any feature you may want only a few clicks away, and the flow between contacts and contact information is just awesome. Not only that, but the menus and features (especially the calendar) look fantastic on the Retina Display. The app has a professional gleam, and though certain buttons were unresponsive at times (a minor annoyance that was very infrequent) it’s hard to fault the app’s business-oriented design.

Overall Value

VIPorbit comes in a free flavor, but to get full calendar integration, among other features, you’ll have to shell out at least ten bucks. At that price, the benefit of adding a few more fields to a contact is a hard sell, especially with excellent free services like Google Contacts running loose. The app features wonderful design and convenient filtering, but the value you get out of the app largely depends on your contact needs. If you need an iPhone Contacts app on crack, here it is.

VIPorbit requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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