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Twin Ball iPhone app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: $.99

If you are up for an awesome new game to challenge your precision skills consider picking up Twin-Ball, a iPhone app hat takes the innate cuteness of two Chuzzles and binds them together for a whole lotta board beating action. App developer Wuxi Qinhuai Interactive Technology created an incredible interactive iPhone app sure to suck you in for double the fun.


I wasn’t far into my iPhone app review process before I realized that although the concept of Twin-Ball iPhone app is simple, the game is anything but. You control two Chuzzles connected by a short line. At all times one Chuzzle is in motion while the other one is stationary. Make your move by tapping the screen, anchoring the previously mobile Chuzzle and setting the other one on its very own orbit.

Move across the board by alternating Chuzzles. The idea is to collect enough stars to satisfy the level’s quota, and then make your way safely to the exit platform. Then it’s on to the next space! The fast-paced action and challenging courses will keep Twin-Ball iPhone app players on their toes.

There are also a smattering of baddies located along the way. If you hit one of those, it’s back to square one. So proceed with caution. Master the moves of your dynamic duo to crash through barricades, collect stars and dodge the mobile monsters that would stand in your way.

This iPhone app is a lot of fun and super addictive with 15 progressively difficult stages and ten more on the way. Earn points, collect boosts or buy guards to make your trip around the board a bit easier every time.


Twin-Ball iPhone app review


Graphics & Design:

The interactive quality of Twin-Ball’s graphics is amazing. Touch response is immediate and precision is spot on. I am also particularly fond of the iPhone app’s bright color scheme and super crisp graphics.

Even the Chuzzles themselves are extremely detailed graphic design work, with realistic blinking eyes and neat patterns. It is obvious that the developers put some time and effort into creating an engaging platform for their arcade-style dynamic duo iPhone app.

User Interface:

The tap to swap touch interface is extremely easy to use in Twin-Ball iPhone app, and all other in-app controls are simple to access. The home page includes several buttons, including a help icon, an item inventory and an in-app store where you can buy boosts and even add a feature that allows you to control rotation speed.

Tap the universal play icon to view the game stages and your current scores. Select a digit to start a round of Twin-Ball. Once you are on a level game progress trackers are unobtrusively translucent and located on the stage’s peripheries. There is also a handy pause button that allows you to toggle the sound, return to the main menu or restart a level.


Twin-Ball iPhone app is currently listed in the iTunes app store for $.99, a small price to pay for a lot of challenging game play. I think Twin-Ball is well worth the investment.

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Twin-Ball iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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