TweetCompare: You Show Me Your Tweet, I’ll Show You Mine

TweetCompare - Twitter Stats - Cellcode

TweetCompare for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: £ .59

Let’s face it: We all think our Twitter account is the hottest things since Michael Bolton. Our retweets are the funniest, our updates the wittiest. But who’s really king of the Twitter mound? To help out, TweetCompare by CellCode has your digital ruler in hand and a ready eye to judge—find out in a few clicks if you really are the biggest Tweeter on the block.

Concept and Functionality

What TweetCompare offers is simple: The ability to compare your Twitter stats with everyone else you’re following. Check brute force numbers, like how many tweets you’ve posted in relation to your favorite Twitter accounts. Balance your followers and following numbers against others. You can even check how many lists you’ve been shoved into compared to celebrities like Katy Perry. It’s a quick and easy way to see where you fit in the Twitter-verse, but that’s about where the functionality ends.

TweetCompare will automatically attach itself to your Twitter account and pull the numbers on the contacts you specify. However, the app did crash on me once as I was setting up my account. It was a one-off bug, though, and the app seemed quite stable in every other regard. I would have loved to see the ability to tweet my findings, but sadly it’s not here. Whether I’ve tweeted the most out of all my friends—or even the least—it would stand to reason that I’ll want to brag about it. Including direct posting to Twitter, especially with specially made graphs, would be a tremendous boon for the app. I would also like to see the ability to select all of my contacts at once, instead of clicking on them individually.


TweetCompare for iPhone

TweetCompare for iPhone


If anything can be said for TweetCompare, it’s that the app certainly looks a peach on the iPhone’s Retina Display. The data the app collects is displayed in easy-to-read and candy-colored graphs arranged by supremacy. It’s dirt-easy to navigate, and it won’t leave you wanting for more information. As mentioned, the app did seem very stable, though the lack of any social-networking integration is a bit of a drag. Likewise, having the ability to click on an item in the list and have the app return the Twitter account attached would be nice, as well—especially if you’d like to get straight to trash talking.

Overall Value

Priced at the always fair £ .59 mark, TweetCompare certainly won’t disappoint for the price. The app is a quick and convenient way to compare your Twitter girth, and though it’s not the most feature-rich Twitter app out there, you’ll still enjoy finding your niche in the social media giant’s midst—especially for the price.




TweetCompare requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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