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Stop The Vom - Handsome Fellas

Stop the Vom app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: $.99

In the delightfully absurd world of Stop the Vom it is your task to keep poor Rabtus from getting sick now that he’s stuck in one of Cucumber’s dirty tricks. He is precariously perched on a shaky swing and there are bad guys trying to make him tip! Prepare to fall in love with the funny story, delightful graphics and challenging game in Stop the Vom iPhone app from developer Handsome Fellas.


I certainly gave my accelerometer a workout during my iPhone app review of Stop the Vom. Tip it is the name of the game in this challenging iPhone app. Thanks to a detailed, hilarious introduction video, by the time you start playing Stop the Vom you are already engaged. Cucumber certainly put some thought into his latest gag on Rabtus.

There he sits, locked in to a craftily constructed swing, while Cucumber’s evil minion Cumberd lands on his cactus ears and tries to tip him over. The idea is to tilt your iPhone in the other direction to counter the Cumberd’s weight and keep Rabtus upright. If he tips too far his stomach will turn red and he’ll end up vomiting all over. Ick!

There are 20 progressively difficult levels introducing new characters, boosts and baddies along the way. Just when you’ve mastered one skill, it’s time for something new. I thought this game would be a snap, and was pleased to find myself challenged by this fun iPhone game.


Graphics & Design:

Stop the Vom app review

Stop the Vom

If the delightfully difficult game play doesn’t have you convinced, Stop the Vom’s quirky graphics will. Each screen is graced with interesting, unique design work and fun characters. Graphically I would equate the work with mid-90s cartoons such as Aaahh!! Real Monsters or Spongebob. The characters are engaging and the settings populated with thoughtful touches.

User Interface:

The game layout is thoughtful and easy, with simple navigation and unobtrusive controls. Once you reach the main screen select from buttons at the bottom of the screen for additional options or help. The question mark will lead you to a game synopsis and descriptions of the new characters unlock as you play.

You can also review the nifty intro video, link the app to Facebook, view the trophies you earn and toggle the sound right on the home page. The big yellow play button will take you to the game levels. It’s pretty hard to miss.


Stop the Vom is a high quality game available for download in the iTunes app store for $.99. I like pinching pennies as much as the next person, but think this iPhone app is extremely well crafted to just give away. You should not be reluctant to drop $.99 on a game that can provide challenging all ages fun for hours on end.

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Stop the Vom


Stop the Vom iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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