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Sports Tracker app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


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Let’s face it, it is much easier to put the time in working out when you know you have an audience. The international fitness iPhone app Sports Tracker from Sports Tracking Technologies gives runners, hikers, canoers, bikers and other outdoor fitness gurus a place to compare and track results alongside millions of other health nuts. This global app recently made its iPhone debut, and here at The iPhone App Review we are all over that.


At first glance Sports Tracker looks like a beefed up pedometer, but let me assure you it is much more. The richness of this app became apparent very quickly during my iPhone app review process.

Sports Tracker allows you to gather data while engaging in physical activity. Workout settings allow you to customize the type of activity the app is recording. It is a pretty exhaustive list of activities. Standards like running and walking are represented, but less expected items such as rowing, golfing and Nordic skiing make the cut as well.

While you engage in an activity, Sports Tracker iPhone app calculates the distance, pace, average speed, altitude, speed per minute, max speed, duration and even tracks your route via GPS on Google Earth. Every detail placed in a workout diary for you to peruse at a later date and share with others on a global explore feature.

The social aspect of this iPhone app is truly special. The friends interface lets you interact with others right in-app. You can search for friends by name or invite people from your Facebook profile without leaving the app. Or maybe you want to search your local area for new workout buddies. Tap on the explore feature and scroll around the globe looking for folks as dedicated as you. You may even find a new trail to try.


User Interface:

Sports Tracker app review

Sports Tracker

An easy bottom tab design and dedicated home or back buttons make Sports Tracker super easy to use. Even the Google Earth interface provides a lot of detail with minimal lag. Layout is clear and easy to see, with a black and grey scaled background and white, orange and red details that really stand out.

There aren’t a lot of goofy graphics or space stealing cartoons in this iPhone app. It’s all about efficiency and streamlined results. Even the diary and chart features allow you to view individual results clearly.


Sports Tracker iPhone app is a killer value. All the great in-app features such as social integration, global search, and advanced tracking are free. There is no cost to download and use the app, and you can even connect with your results online at Now if you’ll excuse me, my iPhone and I have a date at the park.

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Sports Tracker


Sports Tracker iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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