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Spanish Anywhere iPhone App Video Review

Spanish Anywhere Universal App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

No matter what your incentive is to become fluent in another language, it’s worth taking a look at Spanish Anywhere, by developer AppAbove, before you begin learning any Spanish. This iPhone app is well-designed, features a stunning interface, and is so full of useful language learning tools that you can hardly shake a stick at it. Check out our iPhone app review below for our full thoughts on this excellent Spanish app for iPhone and iPad.

Concept and Functionality

Spanish Anywhere is first and foremost a classic language learning tool. It provides a multilingual dictionary for words going from Spanish to English, or vice-versa. The app even has wicked text-to-speech capabilities, which allows words to be pronounced with only a single click. Spanish Anywhere also packs several other enticing elements: The learn a new word feature is great for word-a-day style language acquisition, while useful phrases can be found under either the situation or reference tab. Spanish Anywhere doesn’t stop there, though. The app’s got flash cards, spelling quizzes, hangman, grammar lessons, and even a verb (de)conjugator. If you ever wondered about a part of the Spanish language, I’d be willing to bet fifty pesos you can find an answer in Spanish Anywhere.

It’s hard to fault the app on anything—especially with such a massive array of features—but the need for an internet connection to hear the words spoken aloud is a bit of a drag. There’s also no unified lesson plan for long-term learning here, meaning Spanish Anywhere won’t be a Byki or Rosetta Stone replacement. However, what it is is a pocket dictionary on crack, and you won’t be disappointed with the information it’s sporting.


Design and Layout

Spanish Anywhere

Spanish Anywhere Universal App

Spanish Anywhere is currently wearing what I can only describe as “language textbook colors” and it’s working brilliantly. The cool black with accents artwork looks fantastic on both the iPhone and iPad, while the app’s simple tabbed layout keeps things in order. Navigating to any feature I wanted usually took only a few clicks. And though the repetition of feature “slices” made it sometimes easy to lose my place, I was never left without a clue where to go. Searching for a word in the dictionary could not be easier, and the extra resources themselves (flash cards, games, etc.) could not have been done better. On the whole, it’s a bravo for Spanish Anywhere’s developers, as they’ve created a top-notch design here.

Overall Value

Spanish Anywhere weighs in at five dollars, which may sound steep, but the price of entry comes back with a mountain of features. If you’ve been looking to learn Spanish, or just want a pocket guide for the upcoming trip, this app is the perfect solution. With that in mind, it’s earned a full recommendation.

Spanish Anywhere requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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