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Songify app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: Free

YouTube sensations The Gregory Brothers (the ones who brought you “Winning!” and other “AutoTune the News” gems) are taking their auto tune obsession to an iPhone near you with Songify iPhone app.

Songify turns your spoken word into an instant pop hit, or at least a really funny track. You always knew you could sing! Think you could be the next Rebecca Black? Dust off your speaking voice and dig in to this iPhone app review of Songify.


Who needs talent when you have auto tune, right? You can take it one step farther than our favorite tone-deaf starlets with Songify iPhone app, where you don’t even have to sing to create a song. All you have to do is talk in to your iPhone’s microphone and let Songify iPhone app do the rest.

According to Songify, their one-of-a-kind songification software is responsible for organizing a few spoken lines into a custom track. The app comes with three preloaded backing tracks created by The Gregory Brothers and the music app moguls at Khush. There are additional tracks and track packs available for purchase in-app, but the initial three are pretty fun.

In addition to allowing you to immortalize yourself in song, Songify gives you an option to share your creations through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. You can also listen to and rate other users’ creations. I think I found my new favorite party trick app. Songify iPhone app is definitely hilarious and high quality.


Songify app review


User Interface:

I am quite impressed with the efficient design of Songify. You don’t have to go searching for the fun. Once you launch the app it is ready to record whatever hilarious drivel you are ready to spew. Want to write a song about bottled water? Go for it. Tap the screen then talk for a few seconds about bottled water, or just say, “Bottled water,” and you have a song.

Additional options are listed at the bottom of the screen, and they include reviewing your recordings, changing the background track that your words will be Songifyed to, and the “Winning!” tab where you can listen to other users tracks. The graphics are clean and distinct, and fun.

Songify iPhone app is definitely use friendly. There is even a dedicated back button that makes navigation a breeze. Anything that makes getting a few laughs easy is A-Okay in my book.


Best of all? Songify iPhone app is free to download and use. Sure, purchasing additional backing tracks is going to cost you a little scratch, but not much. And you don’t need additional tracks to enjoy the app. This is a seriously solid app, with an amusing set of functions and a lot of sass. Value? It’s in the bag. Just like that record deal.


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Songify iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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