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Shufflr - Althea Systems

Shufflr for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick


Price: Free

Do you like watching internet videos? Do you like talking about the latest viral attraction on YouTube? Do you wish your iPhone would just spit the latest and greatest at you like a digital hibachi on steroids? If so, then pony up, Pilgrim! Shufflr iPhone app, by developer Althea Systems aims to please—and mostly succeeds!

Concept and Functionality

If my iPhone app review of Shufflr can sum up this iPhone app as anything, it is an internet video buffet. The app provides video recommendations tailored to your tastes and preferences, pulling content from a number of different sources all across the web. Subjects range from news to sports, and even all the way out to food and science and technology. Shufflr delivers this crop via its stellar, tab-based interface—more on that later—but the app hits a deadly snag right out of the gate: During my review, only certain sources would play inside the app. For example, any video culled from Comedy Central refused to play on my device, while media streamed from YouTube ran perfectly. This is an aggravating bug, especially considering Shufflr’s promise to help you do more viewing and less looking.

That being said, the social aspect of Shufflr’s visage worked wonderfully. Monitoring trending videos is as simple as flicking through a grid-wall, and sharing any videos you like to Facebook or Twitter could not be easier. Other features, like queuing and commenting on videos, worked like a champ as well.



Shufflr for iPhone

Shufflr for iPhone

One of the snappiest things about Shufflr is its absolutely wicked layout. The app is a tabbed affair at heart, with all of its features splayed out across the bottom in their full glory. Videos are left unassailed, and are presented in a simple grid that’s easy to navigate and use. Things like your profile and user comments are tucked away in pop-up windows and can easily be conjured in only a few clicks. However, it is a bit complicated to filter content. Using the More tab you can select specific channels or categories to peruse, but there’s no real way to tell Shufflr you hate a specific provider or can’t get enough of another. The app will adapt to your viewing preferences the more you use it, but some Pandora-esque “love-it-hate-it” functionality would be greatly appreciate.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, Shufflr is a free utility for browsing (and enjoying) online media. It’s not without its faults—namely universal playback—but its social atmosphere, beautiful design, and great content make it a power-punch for those who just can’t get enough viral sensationalism in their lives. The app is easily worth a test drive, and if talking about videos is your supreme kick, you may even stay a while.


Shufflr iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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