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Selloby for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

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Let’s face it, Craigslist is a bit of a mess these days. With all the spammers and endless personal ads, finding anything you actually want can be quite the challenge. Thankfully, Craigslist isn’t the only option on the market: Selloby, by developer Park, is a brilliant non-Craig’s example of personal selling and buying that might just be better than the original.

Concept and Functionality

For those familiar with the popular buy-and-sell site Craigslist, Selloby offers a very similar concept on the iPhone. The app allows you to create personalized buy or sell ads using keywords and your location. You’re free to search posted listings yourself, just as other users are allowed to see your own adverts. When either party finds something to their liking, it’s up to them to contact the other half. Using the app’s built-in messaging function, this is easier than pie, and setting up a date to swap goods could not be simpler. This style of selling, of course, differs from other services like eBay in the sense that it’s up to the users to arrange a meeting and do the deed, rather than the first party software.

On the whole, I was very impressed with Selloby’s functionality. The app performed admirably, and it’s unbelievably easy to create listings. The app guides users through advert creation, forcing them to use a standard set of hash tags and key phrases. This keeps things simple and efficient: Two words not usually applied to sites like Craigslist. The ability to follow and favorite other posts was great as well. However, Selloby’s largest flaw is one of volume—there simply aren’t that many users right now. There were none in my local area,  and only a few listings in larger cities. Overall, Selloby is a great concept that’s functionality is only hampered by a lack of a solid user base.



Selloby for iPhone

Selloby for iPhone

Selloby looks fantastic on the iPhone, and it’s apparent the developers have spent a great deal of time optimizing its design. I especially appreciated the fluid flow of post creation. Users are guided through a set of preprogrammed codes, punching in information as they go. At the end the app spits out a completed, tweet-style advert, and away the thing goes into the cloud. Likewise, it was very easy to favorite and follow other posts using the Twitter-esque layout. Overall, Selloby’s is a great design, one that’s only lessened by the lack of current content in most areas.

Overall Value

Selloby, especially as a free app, displays an immense amount of potential. The app is more fluid and comprehensive than Craigslist and fully integrates everything you need to buy or sell. Once the app has more users, it’ll be a right knockout, but at the moment it’s really just an interesting sidepiece. You, however, can be the first of your friends to change that.

requires iOS 3.1 or later and is c
ompatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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