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Rule the Sky™ - JCE

Rule the Sky app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: Free

Forget boring civilization builders that confine you to a stodgy square of earth. Play Rule the Sky iPhone app from developer JCE instead.

Create the lovely air-born civilization of your dreams, cultivate money making crops and reach out to your friends like never before. I love a good builder game, and Rule the Sky has already carved out a permanent place on my iPhone. Do you mind if I gush? I might only have nice things to say in my Rule the Sky iPhone app review.


In the grand tradition of builder apps, Rule the Sky iPhone app allows you to build and organize houses, shops and additional structures, and cultivate a flourishing garden a la Farmville. Then there are the decorations, plants, trees and other nifty items you can tuck into your floating Flotia to really make it your own.

I have a special place in my heart for any civilization builder that is well done. They appeal to my RPG playing youth. Rule the Sky sets itself apart with quests that also serve as a handy tutorial for new players. Interactive townspeople, social integration through Nest (more on that after the cut), and the breathtaking backdrop of a floating island set Rule the Sky apart.

Build a successful town to move forward and receive more quests. Think you’re ready to Rule the Sky?


Rule the Sky app review

Rule the Sky

Social Factor:

You may have caught my hasty mention of Nest in the last section. I breezed by it then because I think the Rule the Sky iPhone app social integration takes it to a whole other level.

Through Nest you can search for and add friends from Facebook, from your iPhone contact list or from their Nest ID. I get frustrated with a lot of apps with social integration because they insist on bugging my non-game-playing friends. The option to search by Nest Id alleviates that concern and helps you make more friends.

I really like the fact that Rule the Sky puts the game’s social interaction to work instead of just using it to cull game players. Actual game-play includes visiting your friends’ Flotia islands, and visiting your enemies. You can help or you can hinder, in a uniquely structured game you can actually nab a neighbor’s crops to help yourself.

Graphics & Design:

Rule the Sky iPhone app has some seriously pleasant graphics. I’ll focus on my two favorites, but there is a consistent level of work throughout the app.

A special GPS integration lets your Flotia island weather reflect the weather of your current location. Sure, a floating island is picturesque all on its own, but that just rocks.

The lovely townspeople are also a favorite. They wave and talk to you, and walk around town like they own the place. The more you build, the busier your town will be.


Rule the Sky iPhone app is free to download and play. Hooray! Sure, eventually you might be tempted to buy some star credits, which can move your game along faster and buy shiny things, but you do not need to spend any money to really enjoy this app. Now that’s value.

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Rule the Sky


Rule the Sky iPhone app requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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