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ROLLOVER - Original Games

Rollover iphone app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: $.99

I love my iPhone’s accelerometer as much as the next girl. But it’s hard to find an accelerometer-driver puzzle app that can really grab my attention like Rollover, a collection of 100 multi-ball tilt puzzle boards from developer Original Games that will have you tilting your iPhone every which way in no time.

Yeah, I said 100 puzzle boards. That’s a whole lotta game play folks. Get ready for one seriously tilted iPhone app review of Rollover.


It takes a special kind of creativity to produce 100 different levels, and I’m happy to announce the Rollover iPhone app is equipped with just that. The trick is to guide a set of balls over a tilt puzzle, rolling over and collecting goals along the way. Clear the board to move on. Complete it in a certain time frame to win a time bonus.

Those time bonuses and points turn into high scores and fun app trophies. Even without those perks, Rollover iPhone app is really a special app. I expected to find the game monotonous eventually. I did not. Each level is truly different, with special boosts, color coding, traps, tricks and more.

It’s hard to take a classic game that a lot of us have played and make it fresh. The gameplay basics are the same: tilt your iPhone to roll the balls, collect and win. Can’t mess with a classic.


Rollover iphone app review


User Interface:

The Rollover iPhone app’s responsiveness complements tricky courses. Kinetic style controls ruled by an in-app gravitational pull are a lot of fun. No matter how practiced you are, it can be difficult to keep those balls going the right way.

The app itself is easily navigated, with a dedicated menu button that can return you to the Rollover iPhone app’s home screen, small screen shots of each level, a link to Facebook and a score chart.


I have no complaints about Rollover’s functionality. The app’s tilt responsiveness is precise, creating a satisfying user experience. There were no lags, no crashes and no issues with the app on my iPhone app.

I do suggest playing the Rollover iPhone app on your iPhone, though it is compatible with your iPad as well. I just think the precision controls and compact functionality works best on a device you can really move around with ease.


One hundred levels of tilty ball bouncing happiness can be your’s for the small price of $.99. That is on the lower end of app prices, and I think you get an extremely high quality app for your investment with Rollover iPhone app. Definitely a keeper for hours of game play fun.

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Rollover iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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