RabbitDash: Aesop’s Fables at Light Speed



Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $ .99

Running games are like the perfect storm for the iPhone. With landscape mode support, easy touch controls, and the potential for top-notch graphics, the genre is easily one of the most fun on the device. RabbitDash, by developer DragonStone, is no different, offering stellar gameplay, great illustrations, and endless, endless running.

Concept and Gameplay

RabbitDash’s most immediate cousin is the recently popular Robot Unicorn Attack by Adult Swim. The app features similar gameplay, allowing you to assume the persona of a rabbit looking to beat all those pesky tortoises. To do so, you’ll need to run with all your might, jumping over platforms, kicking enemies, and collecting power-ups as you go along. Run long enough, and you’ll unlock a new setting. The simple touch controls—tap once to jump, or again to double jump wile the other side of the screen controls your kick ability—makes RabbitDash a very pick-up-and-play style app with heaps of potential.

Overall, the gaming experience offered by RabbitDash is top-notch. The app is fun and offers an obvious amount of replay value. The power-ups keep things fresh, though certain ones are more potent than others: I found the tiny mode particularly overpowered, as it essentially allows you to fly for several seconds. Balancing aside, RabbitDash is a brilliant example of the genre on the iPhone, and sports more than enough tweaks to keep things fresh try after try.


Graphics and Controls



Not only does RabbitDash offer great gameplay, but it also looks fantastic on the iPhone’s retina display. The game features 3D graphics that reminded me a lot of modern Mario games, oddly enough. The character sprites are detailed and the backgrounds very pleasant. As mentioned, the controls are very easy to pick up on, allowing almost anyone to play. The game does feature an online leader board, but I still would have liked to see Game Center integration for some delicious achievements. Likewise, the pacing for unlocking new levels can be a bit slow, though it’s hardly unbearable. Getting at all of the game’s content can be a challenge, but any game that makes you play it longer to view it fuller can hardly be faulted. Overall, RabbitDash is a tight package with great design.

Overall Value

Best of all, RabbitDash clocks in at a low dollar in the App Store. This means you won’t break the bank to get cracking at its gameplay. For that dollar, you’ll unlock a very simple but deep gameplay mechanic, as well as four different settings for the running. All in all, it’s a tight game that will easily kill a few minutes in the queue, or even fill a long meeting. RabbitDash earns a four and a half star rating, as well as a recommendation from us here at the iPhone App Review.


RabbitDash requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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