Pokemon App Makes iPhone Debut This Summer

Pokemon iPhone app news

News Reported by Valerie Lauer

Pokemon’s parent company plans on releasing a new Pokemon app for iPhone later this summer. The app, rumored to be named Pokemon Say Tap, is being released without support from Pokemon’s gaming partner, Nintendo.


According to sources, Pokemon Say Tap will be a rhythm and matching game set to tunes from the latest generation of Pokemon.

A matching game is a far cry from the traditional Pokemon games that have been released for Nintendo’s platforms. Do not expect Pokemon Red or Pokemon Gold to suddenly become available for your iPhone.

I suspect diehard Pokemon fans will still jump on board and download Pokemon Say Tap to their iOS devices. It’s hard to say no to an iPhone friendly app from this iconic cartoon conglomerate.

The Nintendo Factor

After the Pokemon Say Tap announcement went live Nintendo had some ‘splaining to do. Historically Nintendo has not been open to developing games that would function on other platforms. They have the hardware end covered.

It appears, despite the initial stock price spike due to the news, Nintendo is standing by their policy. The Pokemon Say Tap app is being released independently by Pokemon Company, and Nintendo announced several days later that future Pokemon game console games will continue to appear exclusively on their platform.

Nintendo owns 32 percent of Pokemon. Without a controlling share it appears the company does not have the final say.


Release Rumors

The Pokemon Company’s Pokemon Say Tap announcement said users can expect an app release this summer. Rumors indicate that this app is going to be available exclusively in Japan at launch, similar to the 2006 release of the cellphone app Pokemate.

Nintendo’s post- Pokemon Say Tap announcement credited the app’s release to Pokemon’s marketing and promotions department. They went on to say that this group frequently releases “non-game products” for promotional purposes.

Pokemon’s latest generation, Pokemon Black and White, is expected to be the main focus of the Pokemon Say Tap application.

Consumer Experience

Nintendo’s closed door policy will extend to other iconic games, such as their successful series of Mario games. Expect any additional Pokemon releases to be similar, simple apps produced to build a buzz around the existing product line.

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