MobiReader Pro: Can I Have Your Card?

MobiReader Pro - Business Card & Document OCR Reader - DIOTEK Co., Ltd.

MobiReader Pro for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $3.99

 MobiReader Pro, by developer DIOTEK, wants to be your all-in-one business card, document, and scanner utility on the iPhone. For the most part it succeeds, offering killer card management, integration with popular online services and stellar language support. The document scanning is still hit-or-miss, but at such a low price, MobiReader Pro is quite the proposal for your mobile model.

Concept and Functionality

MobiReader Pro is, first and foremost, a storage device for all those pesky business cards you collect throughout the day. Tired of filling your wallet with all those cardboard bits? Just snap a picture of them with MobiReader Pro, and the app not only saves the image for later, but scans the face for useful information, like contact numbers, addresses, etc. The functionality of this is fantastic, and makes keeping your acquaintances together in one place an absolute cinch.

MobiReader Pro also gives users the option to store documents, on top of the ability to scan in their own. Have a memo you’d like to save, or even edit in Word? Again snap a picture of it, and MobiReader Pro recognizes the text, changing it into an editable format.

The functionality of this feature is more hit-or-miss, however. The doc scanner supports six different languages, and with both French and English I could never quite get the words to come out right. It could have been the lighting conditions or the angle of the document itself, but text was often garbled and unreadable. Occasionally, however, I would snap a picture and the whole page would go down smooth. When this happened, I have to admit, it was quite useful.



MobiReader Pro for iPhone

MobiReader Pro for iPhone

MobiReader Pro throws in a couple extra features, all of which can be found in the app’s excellent rotating icon drawer. Accessing the utilities I wanted was dirt-easy, and the in-app document editor was as simple to use as you’d hope it to be. I was also surprised with how easy document scanning was. Lining up my pages and resizing them for .PDF use could not have been simpler, and unlike the text recognition, it always looked fantastic.

MobiReader Pro’s look is very business oriented, which will appeal to its target market in spades. The cool browns, leathery feel, and ease-of-use create one stellar interface, no matter how the features perform.

Overall Value

At its current price of $3.99 (MobiReader Pro is on sale in the App Store from its original $12.99) the app is a business steal. The business card potential alone is reason enough to purchase the app. However, until document scanning and text recognition improve, the app is not yet a thirteen dollar bargain. For now, though, it offers heaps of mobile business potential, and will fit just as nicely on your hip as your BlackBerry.

MobiReader Pro requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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