MakkaMappa: Helping You Look Less Like A Tourist

MakkaMappa - GPS any map to give You Are Here marker: campus, theme park, MTB, snowmobile, hiking, shopping mall, old map - The Appstillery Ltd.

Price: $1.99

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MakkaMappa Universal App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

To quote the Australian Tourism Board, “Where the bloody hell are you?” It’s an important question, especially for anyone traveling abroad. Thankfully with MakkaMappa, by the Appstillery, you will never again have to hunt down tourism maps or brochures. With just an iDevice and an internet connection, you’re free to download any number of you-are-here maps—saving you time, money, and traveling face!

Concept and Functionality

We have reviewed a plethora of travel iPhone apps, however MakkaMappa seeks to be your all-in-one tourism resource, allowing you to download area maps for thousands of cities, parks and attractions all across the globe. But what sets the app apart from utilities like Google Maps is its ability to overlay information onto downloaded content. Not only can users grab a map of London, but they’ll also get clickable points of interest. See Big Ben on the map? Click it for more information about the historic clock. It’s very intuitive, and it works brilliantly.

In a way, MakkaMappa is to the tourism map what education apps for iPad are to classic children’s literature: An old idea redesigned and improved with modern technology. For example, clicking the position icon along the bottom of the screen will place you on the map for easy guidance. It’s essentially a You-Are-Here, but with the ability to move with you, making MakkaMappa tremendously useful on the road. The app comes loaded with a few more notable features, including the ability to post maps to Facebook and Twitter. Users are also free to create their own maps via and then load them back into the mobile app for use later. All in all, its a tight package, and one that any traveler will immediately appreciate.



MakkaMappa Universal App

MakkaMappa Universal App

MakkaMappa is a universal app, meaning it fits just as easily on your iPad as it does your iPhone. In a mobile setting, the iOS app is easy to use and navigate for information. Perusing a map is simple with the pinch, zoom and drag mechanic, and with points of interest only a click away, there’s not much to complain about. Some of the intertextual menus acted a bit odd, however: Occasionally a pop-up would linger even after I’d navigated away to another feature. Likewise, there’s no way to access certain areas while in landscape mode on the iPad, as the toolbar disappears and cannot be recalled. Minor complaints, mostly, as MakkaMappa is already a very tight package on both devices.

Overall Value

MakkaMappa is comfortably priced at $1.99. This is certainly a bargain, but with only certain cities sporting an abundance of maps, the actual travel value of the app depends on your destination. As time progresses and more content is added by users, MakkaMappa will easily be the travel guide to have. Until then, use the free Lite version first to check your destination before signing on.



MakkaMappa iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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