iLearn With Poko: Additions Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

i Learn With Poko: Additions! HD - Math educational games for kids in preschool and kindergarten - Tribal Nova

iLearn With Poko Additions for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

 Price: $2.99

Developer Tribal Nova wowed us once before with their Universal educational app for children, iLearn With Poko: Seasons! We’re glad to see the public education house back on its feet with a new app, this time offering iLearn With Poko: Additions HD. The iPad app features the same quality gameplay as its predecessor, this time with a mathematical slant. Check out our full review below for our thoughts on this excellent educational iPad app for children.

Concept and Gameplay

One of the first things we look for in an educational iPad app is quality of concept. An application is only as good as its core lesson, and if the app isn’t teaching your child anything useful, what good is it to begin with? Thankfully, Tribal Nova never ceases to please: iLearn With Poko: Additions reinforces the basic math skills of counting and addition using engaging gameplay. Your child is asked to do several tasks, ranging from counting scored bowling pins to collecting spilt toys. Throughout, the games constantly reinforce the numbers themselves, as well as their verbal counterparts. This means that as the child plays the games and has fun, they will also constantly be pairing a number with a sound, furthering language acquisition.

But at the heart of the app is a drive to improve your kid’s addition skills. Each game requires a basic amount of adding, starting small and then working upward to larger numbers. The app is still designed for very small children, but it covers a wide age group nonetheless. No matter where your toddler is at, they will thoroughly enjoy the games, and you will appreciate the quality learning that’s locked inside iLearn With Poko: Additions.


iLearn With Poko: Additions for iPad

iLearn With Poko: Additions for iPad

Design and Artwork

One of the things we like most about the iLearn With Poko series is its top-notch and professional illustrations. The characters and settings of the app are spot-on, providing rounded, comfortable edges with soft colors. Any child will be delighted with the scenery, and the voice-acting (an often tricky element with educational apps for iOS) is radio worthy out of the box. This is an app that’s been polished to a shine, and it’s a fantastic example of modern technology replacing classic book learning.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, iLearn With Poko: Additions offers a tremendous amount of entertaining gameplay with deep math skills learning to boot. The app will improve your child’s basic addition skills while enlivening their learning spirit. If that’s not a value in an educational app, than we don’t know what is. Hit up the App Store to secure iLearn With Poko: Additions, and consider that a recommendation from us!

iLearn With Poko: Additions HD requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with the iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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