Gtext Media: Gaining Pounds By Working Out Your Texts

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Gtext Media Video iPhone App Review

Gtext Media for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Let me guess: You send about five hundred texts a day, most of them saying nothing in particular. The next time you send a message about getting eggs at the store, why not capitalize on your communication and make a few pounds? That’s what Gtext Media, by the UK company of the same name, wants you to do. They promise to turn your chatter into a gold mine, and their iPhone app is here to help.

Concept and Functionality

The concept behind Gtext Media is simple to grasp, but highly original. The app allows you to attach a small, targeted advert to the end of any text, meaning the white space left after a message can now become a billboard for sponsors. When someone who receives your text clicks on the advert, Gtext Media keeps track and rewards you with cash compensation. This is a similar idea to in-place online advertising services like iAd, or all those banners you see in the Facebook sidebars. However, when your texts are involved, the process becomes a lot more personal: For those who feel uncomfortable with the concept at work, you are free to refuse any ads you don’t like. When creating your account, you’re also allowed to pick five hobbies you enjoy. Gtext then uses that information to create ads specific to your tastes.

The functionality of this process is breezy, though there’s still room for improvement. Integration with the iPhone’s native texting app is still spotty, and having the streamlined ability to quickly attach adverts to conversations would be a plus.


Gtext Media for iPhone

Gtext Media for iPhone

Design and Layout

Gtext Media is sporting a very simple outfit, and one that’s designed to have you sending enhanced texts as quickly as possible. You’ll have to register for an account in-app, however this only takes a few minutes. From there the tabbed menu offers all the app’s features in a neat row. Attaching an advert to a text is a one-click affair (or several if you’d like to shuffle through ad-links) and sending out the doctored message is just as easy. Your balance is also displayed in a very concise fashion, meaning you’ll never wonder exactly how much money you’ve made. I do wish the app had come with a bit more documentation, as the process can feel quite shaky without a little extra assurance.

Overall Value

Gtext Media is free in the App Store, and offers a world of new possibilities for your texts. How much you use the app, or feel comfortable using it, entirely depends on you. The process is streamlined—though it could still be integrated better—meaning it’s simple to make money from your texts. The lack of detailed documentation may perturb some, but as a free chance to pad your wallet, Gtext Media will not disappoint.


Gtext Media iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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