Dream Skate: Like Dallas, It Was Only A Dream

Dream Skate - Fugazo, Inc.

Price: $ .99

Dream Skate iPhone App Video Review

Dream Skate Universal App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We’ve all been there: It’s a long commute home, and as you stare forlornly out the window you start to imagine yourself skating along the streets, dodging obstacles and hopping your way to some mad grinds. Okay, so maybe not everyone’s done that. But either way, that’s the premise of Dream Skate, by developer Fugazo. The game is a fun and cheap addition to your iPhone Games folder, and offers a lot of content with stellar art design.

Concept and Gameplay

As stated, the backstory of Dream Skate is one of boredom. You play as a child lost in their own backseat world, dreaming up adventures on a skateboard as their parents drive home. You’ll be jumping and dodging obstacles in gameplay that harks back to the golden age of platformers. You’ll have to time things just right to secure all the candy that’s on the streets (for bonus point purposes) earning coins to spend on upgrades, levels and new characters. The levels are fun and can be quite challenging. Combined with the amount of available unlockables, Dream Skate offers some real quality fun for the iPhone and iPad.

The developers have done quite a bit already to spice up Dream Skate’s apparel, offering purchasable lives that save you from an unfortunate crash. That being said, I would have liked to see even more content, such as power-ups. Some of the levels are quite hard, as well, and the occasional checkpoint would help to take the edge of things. However, some may enjoy the challenge of having to restart a level over right as you spot the finish line—that could just be me.


Graphics and Controls

Dream Skate Universal App

Dream Skate Universal App

Dream Skate’s controls could not be simpler: Tap the screen to make your character ollie (that means jump) and hold to make them sink quickly. Hold the screen longer, and your toon jumps higher. It’s very simple, and makes for fun pick-up-and-play gameplay. Not to mention the graphics look spectacular on the iPhone’s retina display. The cell-shaded graphics and pastel tones add unique flavor the app and create a personalized world across all three included settings.  However, the game is not yet completely optimized for the iPad. Instead of taking up the whole screen, the app feels like a bloated version of the iPhone offering. Hopefully future updates will fix this issue, as the graphics really are stellar.

Overall Value and Fun

Dream Skate is a blast of platformer fun for the iPhone and iPad, and its bargain-bin $ .99 pricing makes it an absolute steal. If you’re looking for a platforming game that’s fun, features great graphics, and comes cheap, then hesitate no further: Dream Skate earns a full recommendation from us.

Dream Skate requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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