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Catch the Fly app review

Reviewed by: Valerie Lauer

Price: Free

If you are ready for a smashing good time, give the catapulting action of Catch the Fly iPhone app a shot. In the popular tradition of Angry Birds, Catch the Fly pits you and your collection of high flying frogs against towers defending of some pretty smart flies.

A unique story line, solid graphics and increasingly difficult techniques make this EG Games product a lot of high flying irresistible fun. Grab a frog and get ready to launch yourself into the Catch the Fly iPhone app review.


As I mentioned, gameplay can get a bit challenging in the Catch the Fly iPhone app. No worries, it starts out slow and gives you a few levels to adjust to launching frogs from a leave at flies.

The trick is to figure out how far back to tug, and what angle you need to launch the frog in an efficient trajectory, resulting in optimal fly squishing. Crush all the flies before running out of frogs to launch to unlock the next level. The fewer frogs you use, the more points you earn. However you do not earn any stars or medals, and I kind of miss being rewarded for my awesomeness.

The most impressive gameplay feature is the sheer amount of it. There are 250 total levels in Catch the Fly iPhone app, with ten unique packs of levels with different backdrops and challenges. If you’re going to bother downloading an iPhone app, it might as well be amusing and long lasting.


Catch the Fly iPhone app review

Catch the Fly

Graphics & Design:

Realistic physics effects add a touch of class to an app about splatting bugs. So if projecting trajectory and the effects of gravity on structural damage are your thing, Catch the Fly iPhone app is most definitely your bag.

I must say a few words for the dearly departed frogs, which disappear in to a green splat graphic and a decidedly splat-like sound. The effect is hilarious, even if it did take a few levels to get used to.

Thoughtful design touches, such as the extremely well-animated frog, do help Catch the Fly set itself apart from other launch and destroy iPhone apps.


It does not cost any money to download the Catch the Fly iPhone app. However, only five levels are included with the free download. There is an option to launch an in-app purchase for the additional 245 levels of the game for $.99.

While the price is extremely reasonable for such a lengthy game with a lot of detail and scores of levels, I do favor upfront pricing in general. If you can forgive the developers for getting you hooked on the app first, it is well worth the price to purchase Catch the Fly iPhone app.


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Catch the Fly


Catch the Fly iPhone app requires iOS 3.2.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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