Apes Will Rise: Put Your Memory to the Test Against Those Darn Dirty Apes

Apes Will Rise - Fox Mobile Entertainment, Inc.

Apes Will Rise app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: Free

Think you are smarter than an ape? In support of the upcoming release of the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Fox Mobile Entertainment asks iPhone users to challenge their skills against apes in the memory challenge iPhone app Apes Will Rise.

I don’t know about you, but I consider myself moderately intelligent. After zombie attack, super intelligent primates rising up and giving humanity the kibosh is right up there on my list of most terrifying and quasi plausible horrific downfall of humanity theories.

Do yourself a favor and heed my iPhone app review. Keep your memory sharp with Apes Will Rise iPhone app.

Additional Features:

Let me walk you through some of the goodies tucked in the Apes Will Rise iPhone app. There is a movie info page, complete with a countdown and cast info. There are also handy links to the official Apes Will Rise site and twitter feed.

Fandango integration puts show times, movie reviews and ticket purchasing at your fingertips. There’s even a YouTube tab dedicated to the film’s channel for easy access.


The memory challenge is the main function of the Apes Will Rise iPhone app. Start out by selecting your level of difficulty. Let me suggest you try it out first in easy, then work your way up to hard and ape difficulty levels. This game gets real hard, real fast.

Apes Will Rise will flash numbers to you on the screen briefly, then remove the numbers but leave the blanks they were in. It is your job to tap the numbers in order from memory starting with “1.”

Try not to be lulled into security. By the time you’re up to ten or twelve numbers, this app is going to be  putting a bit of strain on your pretty little brain muscles. And if not, then you might want to give the ape levels a try and see if you still feel the same.


Apes Will Rise app review

Apes Will Rise

Layout & Design:

Apes Will Rise iPhone app is organized into handy tabs that are easily navigated. The gloomy colors are apropos; this is an app for an upcoming prequel movie about humanity’s demise after all.

My only design complaint is actually about the memory game. Several times my touch did not register while I was tapping numbers in order, which is quite frustrating especially if you’ve made some progress in the game. Tighten up ship over there, Fox Mobile Entertainment.


If you are excited about the film, or if your memory needs a little exercise, the Apes Will Rise iPhone app is definitely a good value. It’s free to download after all. I do not think the app creates a realistic picture of primate memory capacities, but it might make you eat your veggies or take up reading Proust just to ensure your survival when the apes rise.


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Apes Will Rise

Apes Will Rise iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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  1. What is going on?First,we are assaulted by a movie that portrays humans as cruel zookeepers,misdirected Dr. Frankensteins or blithering oafs.We see our society destroyed by savage simians on the loose and because these beasts simply have more braun than the homo-sapien,mankind is now considered some sort of imbecile willing to be enslaved by a subordinate species.I don’t get it.Would Ceasar and his group of thug apes be able to pass the exercises in thisgame?Can you now see Ceasar with a laptop attempting to challenge anaverage homo-sapien.The only thing I saw them do was destroy the land and murder and/or maim police officers.why does the media want mankind to believe that he can no longer outwit a group of apes.How did such an idea get footing and support.I am just stunned by humanity so willing to accept an inferior status to animals.Animals now seem to have more value than the apes .Even if they were smarter,does that give them the God given right to enslave or have dominion mankind.God gave this Earth to mankind and animals were to serve him.Somehow,again,mankind has managed to destroy the essence of God’s perfect plan.Let us hope that the people who create these games will use wisdom and knowledge to promote entertainment rather than hysteria and mania.

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