Angry Bunga: Like Angry Birds Caught With Its Top Off

Angry Bunga - AppyMob

Angry Bunga Universal App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $ .99

Angry Bunga, by developer AppyMob, is yet another iPhone app in the long line of physics-based Angry Birds clones to hit the App Store. The game offers a bit saucier gameplay than its predecessor, allowing you to play as a Berlusconi lookalike in the pursuit of Bunga-Bunga—or very naughty behavior with women of ill-repute. The game touts its adult-themed premise, but at the end of the day is it a worthy followup to everyone’s favorite iOS game? Check out our review below to get the full scoop.


As stated, Angry Bunga is more or less a clone of Angry Birds, offering the same pull-to-launch-and-aim gameplay of its foster parent. However, instead of blasting pigs you’ll be knocking over judicial figures and caged women. You play as a foreign diplomat looking to capitalize on his power and prestige, and the rubbish bits you throw allow you to keep living your swaggish life, not save eggs.

For all its adult-tilt, though, Angry Bunga doesn’t deliver quite the same magic as Angry Birds. The physics aren’t nearly as good, and take quite a bit of getting used to: The line between barely throwing a projectile and hurling it off-screen is sometimes tricky. Thankfully, the aiming is rock-solid. The various missiles are also devoid of any special power-ups, which is a shame. Likewise, the buildings and obstacles are governed by a rather stiff physics engine that doesn’t quite deliver the same satisfaction. However, Angry Bunga is certainly better than most Angry Birds clones, and feels very professional in construction. There are no bugs in this Bunga, at the least.


Design and Graphics

Angry Bunga Universal App

Angry Bunga Universal App

Angry Bunga’s biggest strength is its excellent graphics. The sprites are lively and look nice on the iPhone’s retina display. Not only that, but the levels themselves are very well designed, providing quite a challenge. However, the lackluster throwing physics are a bit of a drag, especially considering some of the puzzles can be quite hard—having smoother controls would definitely help Angry Bunga keep the ball rolling. Another downer is the short amount of content: Angry Bunga ships with only 15 levels, though more are said to be on the way. That being said, the wry humor of the game (Australians will particularly enjoy the “apple” projectile) and the graphics really are quite superb.

Overall Value and Fun

Angry Bunga is a dollar in the App Store, making it cheap, at least. The game offers solid graphics and fun gameplay, though it’s hampered by stiff controls and a lack of content. It’s a passable Angry Birds clone, and with future updates bringing more to the table it only has room to grow.

Angry Bunga

Angry Bunga requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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