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allThings iPhone app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: $2.99

Are you obsessed with comic books? Gaga for the rarest coins? Obsessed with the latest and greatest set of shoes to hit the streets? No matter what you collect there’s a whole new way to curate your collection with the allThings iPhone app. This collectors’ dream app from developer productions lets you manage your current holdings and organize wish lists with ease. Find your favorite collectible and let’s get obsessed with this iPhone app review.


Serious gatherers know the pain of shopping for a new piece but being worried that there might be one just like it at home on the shelf. The days of second guessing are over with allThings, as I found out quickly during my iPhone app review process.

AllThings comes preloaded with several collection categories and types, but no two collectors or collections are alike. This handy iPhone app lets you input your collection’s details to suit your needs and even create detail categories to organize all the specifics in one convenient place. If you do use one of the readymade categories a collection icon will be auto assigned to your grouping.

Of course, additional icons are available. Upload collections, organize them by category, and even include original photos of each item with allThings iPhone app. I’m also big fan of the wish list feature.


allThings iPhone app review


Practical Application:

On a practical level, the allThings iPhone app will come in handy if you are a collector, especially if your collection is large. Even if it isn’t, it’s always good to have a plan of attack when you are shopping for the next piece.

I predict many users will find allThings iPhone app a convenient little trick to have in their pocket when it comes to shopping, trading and even negotiating.

Layout & Design:

So allThings is handy, but it’s also easy to use. A simple tap and scroll design makes it super easy to add new collections or add new items to existing collections. Each entry is editable. I do wish you could re-order the list of collections, but it’s a small concern.

The icons and picture upload options make allThings iPhone app much more engaging than a plain app of lists. I’m always a fan of a pop of color. Otherwise, the app is pretty basic, but each field is easy to read and navigate. No problems here.


So how much does a one stop collection app with a lot of personality and practicality run these days? The folks at productions list allThings iPhone app for $2.99. Considering this app could possibly save you some dinero next time you decide to add to your collection, it is well worth the price.


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allThings iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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