Let’s Get Physical with All-in Fitness: 700 Exercises, Workouts and Calorie Counter

All-in Fitness: 700 Exercises, Workouts & Calorie Counter - ARAWELLA CORPORATION

Price: $1.99

All-in Fitness: 700 Exercises, Workouts and Calorie Counter Video iPhone App Review

All-in Fitness app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

In a market littered with fitness iPhone apps educated gym rats called for one app to do it all, track weight, log foods, count calories, provided detailed workout information, have one-on-one help included and more. I am quite delighted to announce All-in Fitness: 700 Exercises, Workouts & Calorie Counter from Arawella Corporation is all that and a bag of low fat soy crisps. Limber up and lets lung in to this iPhone app review.


If I attempted to include each and every feature in All-in Fitness: 700 Exercises, Workouts & Calorie Counter in this iPhone app review I would run out of room. So let me try to give you a healthy overview of this app and its potential. Think of every feature you could possibly want in a fitness app. Customized workouts, free in-app consultations, a pedometer, a music player, a tracking calendar, and more food and workout entries than you can wave a shake weight at. Yeah, there’re all there.

All joking aside, there are three main functions in this iPhone app: workouts, calorie counting and tracking. A personal profile which you can register quite easily right in the app gives you access to custom intake and workout suggestions. Or you can create your own work out, peruse over 40 workout plans that are preloaded, or even look through the 700 exercises complete with videos, images and written walk throughs. Enter the duration of your sets for precise calculations that link right to your food log.

This app isn’t messing around. If you want it, it will be here. All-in Fitness: 700 Exercises, Workouts & Calorie Counter gets an A+ for putting all the important health features I could ever want in one complete package.


User Interface:


All-in Fitness app review

Despite the bulging bag of features All-in Fitness iPhone app is rocking, they are all easy to access and use. I’ve seen fitness apps get derailed by poor organization, so developers get a gold star for putting in the time and effort to make this app great.

The app’s main screen has four buttons along the bottom and four main screen sections. The “Food & Calories” button leads to an extremely clear user interface which displays your current day’s goal and intake totals including fat, proteins, food score and calories. Even searching through the app’s food data base of 300,000 items is easy thanks to category organization and a search function that really comes through.

The “My Workouts” and “Exercise Base” sections are equally easy to use and integrated with your user profile for perfect results every time. And the “Body Tracker” section lets you enter photos and 12 different measurements then track them on a graph for extreme ease. Keeping tabs on your burn never seemed so easy.


Hands down, All-in Fitness: 700 Exercises, Workouts & Calorie Counter tows its weight, organizing the best features of fitness apps and cutting the fat. For an extremely palatable investment of $1.99 all this sweaty goodness can be yours. I think this app is well worth the price. Your waist line will too.





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All-in Fitness: 700 Exercises, Workouts & Calorie Counter iPhone app requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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