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LuLzSec Release Documents Showing Police iPhone Concerns

TweetLulzSec, the celebrity-status hacking group, has struck again– this time apparently targeting the Arizona Police Department, which LulzSec accuses of being a “racial-profiling anti-immigrant police state.” Interestingly enough, LulzSec’s hack has revealed a list of iPhone apps that police officers have been warned about. While the list of apps includes the free speed-trap-warning app (Trapster), […]


Apes Will Rise: Put Your Memory to the Test Against Those Darn Dirty Apes

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Think you are smarter than an ape? In support of the upcoming release of the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Fox Mobile Entertainment asks iPhone users to challenge their skills against apes in the memory challenge iPhone app Apes Will Rise. I don’t know about you, but I […]


Annual Leave Gives You That Big Day Out At A Bargain Price

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating Anyone who’s ever had to plan and manage sick leave or vacation days will tell you it’s difficult. Keeping track of time off in-between countless meetings and obligations will have any employee tearing their hair out. Annual Leave, by developer Tobias Knieper, is here to help, offering solid productivity and […]