Zuma Seasons: New Twist on an Old Ball Busting Favorite

Zuma Seasons - Oye Faction

Zuma Seasons app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: Free

The perennial Pop Cap classic Zuma unleashes a whole new set of challenging boards and bold designs with Zuma Seasons from iOS app developer Oye Faction. This game, steeped in Aztec mythology, pits the evil eagle against the tortoise hero. Are you up to the challenge?


I went through a pretty serious phase of Zuma addiction while I was in college, and was very pleased to try my hand at the latest evolution of the game for my iPhone app review. The basic concept is the same. Create chains of three or more balls of the same color by shooting balls from the tortoise at a track. The track will populate with strands of disorganized balls. Shoot fast and destroy the strand before it reaches the gaping eagle’s maw at the end of the course.

Additional game play fun in Zuma Seasons iPhone app comes from two types of game play, “Adventure” and “Quick” and a fun set of boosts, such as bonus balls that can destroy sections of the strand and freeze time. There is also a whole new host of villains and challenges that try to interrupt the tortoise in its mission to save its children from the evil eagle.

The tracks are a bit trickier than I remember them from all those years ago as well. Twists, turns and tunnels are just the beginning of the challenges in Zuma Seasons.


Zuma Seasons app review

Zuma Seasons


The season themes in Zuma Seasons are breathtaking. I’m a really big fan of all the work the developer’s graphic design team put into this app. Each level is different and surprising. Graphics such as fences and leaves make each level a little bit more challenging than you would expect and add a great new element to Zuma game play. It is a bit easier to enjoy the vivid graphic design on an iPad but the app is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. There is no change in visual quality between devices.


Gameplay and responsiveness are fast and easy with Zuma Seasons on any iOS device. I did experience a little frustration with the app on the iPad. I played several levels of the game in adventure mode but was unable to access quick play. Every time I touched it the app closed. On the iPhone, this feature works perfectly. Quick play is just a shortcut to game levels, so users will not miss out on any action from this slight flaw. I am sure it will be resolved quickly.

Value: [Rating:4/5}

Downloading Zuma Seasons is free in the iTunes store. Ten levels are included for free; nine exercise levels and the first level of the spring season. The next 30 levels of Zuma Seasons iPhone app may be purchased for $1.99. I think the free levels are still a lot of fun, but the really amazing levels of this app are in the paid levels.

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Zuma Seasons


Zuma Seasons iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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