X-Men Puts Classic Arcade Style Action on your iPhone

X-Men - Konami Digital Entertainment

X-Men app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: $2.99

Funny how systems keep getting better and games keep getting more detailed and advanced, but all the fancy graphics in the world can’t do what an old school arcade style game with a lot of explosions, action and lives can. Just in time for the release of X-Men: First Class Konami puts the perfect throwback game in your greedy little iPhone app loving paws. X-Men for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is just what Professor X ordered.


I found out pretty quickly during my iPhone app review that the new X-Men app quenches my thirst for classic arcade action in a satisfying manner. This game is all about running through levels riddled with angry bad guys in the name of mutant justice. Start by choosing a difficulty level and selecting the X-Men character of your choice. I’ve always been partial to Storm and Wolverine, but Cyclops, Colossus, Night Crawler and Dazzler are there too.

I suggest starting the game difficulty at “Easy” because frankly this game is a bit challenging. It’s important to keep your character facing in the right direction. Once you’re pointed at a baddie, attack, jump and employ your secret mutant power to conquer levels. A Magneto-filled plot interjects along the way, and the evil overlord himself appears periodically to shout mocking phrases and muck up your brave attempts at saving the world.


This is straight old-school arcade action folks. There’s no fancy gear to enable, or customization to do. Just POW! WHAM! and ZAP! your way through these levels. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


X-Men app review


X-Men’s iPhone app challenging factor may come from the controls. A virtual joystick in the lower left-hand corner of the screen is meant to keep your X-Men going, but the constant need to move up and down and flip directions is a little hard to get used to. Sometimes gameplay is actually blocked by the controls as well. Developers did a bit better with the punch, jump, pause and mutant power buttons. They are small and unobtrusively located along the right-hand side of the screen.

Yeah, I know it’s a constant battle of game space vs. the need for controls on an iPhone’s screen. In the future I’m regulating this app to the iPad where screen space isn’t such an issue.

Nostalgic Factor:

For an iPhone app on my super sexy white iPhone 4 with all the trimmings to take me back to the days of pigtails and arcades is really saying something. I can almost smell the stale popcorn and feel my feet sticking to the old stained carpet of my childhood mall arcade while I play this game. So yeah, I created a category just for the nostalgia factor. That’s really what makes this app amazing.


X-Men costs $2.99. That’s a pretty middle of the road price for an iPhone app, though I kinda wish it was a little lower. I blame big-name developer Konami for the price hike and give this app a solid score in value. After all, memories are priceless.

X-Men iPhone app requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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