Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Another week comes to a close here at t the iPhone App Review, and what a week it was! We’ve looked at so many great iPhone apps and iPad apps this week that our App Reviewing  fingers are pulsing. But don’t think we’re done just yet: We’ve got our Top 5 App Roundup for the week ready to go, but first here’s a sneak peak at some of the stellar reviews we did this week!

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

It was a productive week all-around here at the iPhone App Review—literally! We showed you how to do some retro math using RetroCalc, up your professional organizational skills with Next! and HQ, and even become a walking Webster with Hyper Facts. It wasn’t all work and no play, though: This week brought us some great games, like SpaceArena and Crazy Bunny.

That does it for our Sneak Peek of the week, but as promised, we aren’t finished just yet! Check us out after the break for an in-depth look at our Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week.

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

Roger Ebert's Great Movies

Roger Ebert's Great Movies


Roger Ebert’s Great Movies – $ .99

Can’t decide what movie to watch this weekend? Want to hit the theater with a group of friends, but just can’t tell the garbage from the gems? No matter how you feel about him, Roger Ebert’s movie reviews are now in the bay and ready on the iPhone.

The much-lauded movie critic’s Roger Ebert’s Great Movies app is available for a whole dollar in the AppStore, and for that money you’ll get over 300 movie reviews. Written reviews range from old classics like “Casablanca” to modern gems like “The Hangover.” So if you’re unsure about what flick to spin this weekend, spend the dollar and cast out all cinema doubts—these films come recommended.


The Waste Land

The Waste Land


The Waste Land – $13.99

This next one’s much more of a niche-market, but nonetheless impressive. Whether or not you’re a fan of poetry, T.S. Eliot, or good reads for the iPad, you owe it to yourself to spend the fourteen bucks on The Waste Land, by Touch Press.

The iPad app comes loaded with, of course, the full text of the monumental poem, but it also includes audio and video recordings of various readers, including Eliot himself. If certain passages of the work have you (understandably) vexed, the app also includes copious notes and references. “The Waste Land” is a brilliant landmark in twentieth century literature, and this digital reincarnation of it looks amazing on the iPad’s larger display. It’s a good read for sure, but you don’t have to take our word for it.




PixelateTool – $ .99

On the heels of the whole Weinergate catastrophe—note that this Top 5 is 100% nude-pic free—the usefulness of PixelateTool is extremely apparent.

This dollar gem in the AppStore offers the ability to take a photo with your iPhone, and then blur out specified areas. You’re in complete control of the censoring using the app’s excellent in-house menu. Simply snap away, then mark with a finger the more sensitive areas. PixelateTool offers 9 different levels of pixelation, meaning you can obscure (or not) as many members as needed.




Fanhattan – Free

Fanhattan has got to be the coolest movie-related app in the AppStore, or we’re hanging up our reviewing boots now. The app is chock-full of reviews, links to sources, and cinema information, easily making it the best theater-themed powerhouse around.

The app is not another streaming service, meaning you won’t be able to watch movies directly from behind its walls. However, the app instead points you to everywhere you can find a film, including iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, ABC, etc. Not only that, but it will also give you movie reviews and the ability to filter similar content. And to put the cherry on top, Fanhattan has one of the sexiest interfaces we’ve ever seen. Bravo, lads, bravo.




Talk-o-Meter – $4.99

Do you have a feeling that your friends talk to much and never listen to what you’re saying? Or worse, do they think you’re the blabber-mouth? No matter who’s pointing the finger at who, use Talk-o-Meter to settle the matter once and for all.

This slightly expensive gem is no less a piece of social art for its hefty price. After a quick voice calibration for all the parties involved, the app will track who talks when and for how long. Given the chance to eavesdrop on an entire conversation, the app will then produce a handy graph of who talked the most. This means you will no longer have to put up with your friends’ snobbish remarks about over-talking. Keep on interrupting, friend: Talk-o-Meter has you covered.

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