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Reviewed By: Philip Chan

Presidents By the Number - JM Digital Consultants


Price: $1.99

Can you name all 44 people who have been President of the United States of America? How about which one was called “Old Hickory?” Which one did not have a Vice President? If historical trivia and education is your thing, consider trying out Presidents by the Number, an impressive iPhone app from JM Digital Consultants. It’s available for iOS devices running version 3.2 or later, for $1.99 through the Apple iTunes Store


Presidents by the Number offers far more than just some drab historical data. It features facts on not only all the different Presidents, but also on the Vice Presidents, Supreme Court Justics, videos, poems (“Presidential odes”) and much more. Upon starting up the Presidents by the Number iPhone app, users can choose from the above options on a tab-like layout. The quiz section is pretty impressive, with lots of different quizzes (six different ones, with more promised to be on the way), along with a bonus a quiz. The quizzes are arranged in multiple choice format, with 10 questions per quiz. There’s also a Presidential portrait slideshow/video with accompanying music included with this iPhone app, helping users put faces with names of the different leaders.

While I’m not the biggest fan of poetry, I was impressed with the eloquence and whit of the poems featured in Presidents by the Number. Some of them are very creative and certainly make remembering facts about the different Presidents much easier!


Graphical Layout:

presidents by the number iPhone app

Presidents by the Number

A complaint I have with Presidents by the Number is with the transition between selections. There’s a little sliding animation that occurs once you tap on an option (i.e. quizzes or Presidents), which then spins away to take you to the next page. However, this can feel a little laggy at times. Cutting out the transition would probably be best to make this app run as smoothly as possible on all devices.

Other than that, I really like Presidents by the Number’s layout. It’s simple yet educational and fits the apps purpose well. The facts about each President are laid out fairly nicely, as are the important events and related info. Quizzes are easy to read and taking them isn’t hard at all to figure out. There’s even a stirring audio score for the included video on the different Presidents.


It’s hard to beat Presidents by the Number when it comes to educational apps on the United States leaders. With its array of features (44 original poems and portraits for each President, quizzes, trivia and more), plus the promised monthly updates, Presidents by the Number is a very impressive app, all for just $1.99. Learning about the United States Presidents is really important, but sadly many American children can’t name many different Presidents, let alone answer trivia questions about them. Hopefully, Presidents by the Number will help turn the tide and educate both young and old about the individuals who have played a vastly important role in this nation’s history!


Presidents by the Number iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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