Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe: Orcs, Bandits, and More Turn-Based Strategy Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe - iosoftware

Price: $4.99

Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe iPhone Video App Review

Palm Heroes Deluxe 2 for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you wish more than anything that you could relive the glory days of Heroes of Might and Magic, or Civilization, on your iPad’s fancy, modern screen? Barring the release of an official HOMM app, Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe by developer iosoftware is your next best bet, offering solid and deep strategy gameplay at a quality price.


If you have ever played Heroes of Might and Magic, then you are more or less familiar with what Palm Heroes 2 has to offer. The game features a rich amount of unit-based resource management and turn-based combat that will have any veteran of the series feeling right at home. New units can be manufactured at cities using available resources, and then sent across the globe in search of more loot, glory, land and enemies to conquer. The entire game uses a turn-based move system that is well suited to the gameplay: Units are given so many spaces to move each turn, limiting their mobility and attack power accordingly. This means you’ll have to wage carefully which units you send where, as well as which you choose to manufacture. Combat itself uses a grid-based battlefield and turn-based action, swapping blows until one entire side is done for.

Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe offers a phenomenal amount of depth for an iPad app. The sheer number of available units, resources, city customizations and structures makes for a mammoth amount of content waiting to be discovered. Combined with a Hot-Seat style gameplay mode, as well as a pen-and-paper-RPG-esque Adventure mode, Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe has enough material to keep even the most studious of strategy fanatics busy for a long time to come.


Palm Heroes Deluxe 2 for iPad

Palm Heroes Deluxe 2 for iPad

Just as Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe excels in gameplay, so does the app fare well in its design. The game is sporting a classic VGA-style feel that will make those nostalgic for the glory days of computer gaming happy indeed. Units and levels have been designed to offer a wealth of customization, as well. This versatility shows itself well on the battlefield, where strategy and effective use of game pieces is a must. However, there’s a frustrating lack of an in-app tutorial, meaning you’ll either have to poke all the buttons or visit the developer’s website for instructions.

Overall Value

Priced at $4.99, Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe is certainly on the expensive end of iPad gaming. However, for that money you’ll get a wealth of superb strategy gaming with a throwback twist. Combined with in-app purchases, there’s enough content here to keep an armchair general busy for days on end. Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe earns a five star rating and a hearty recommendation.


Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe iPad app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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