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ONE Campaign app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: Free

Join more than 2 million members of the advocacy group ONE in fighting disease, improving education and taking a stand against poverty worldwide. Yeah, you can do all that right from your iPhone, thanks to ONE Campaign, the new iPhone app from Radical Media.


The ONE Campaign iPhone app helps keep users abreast of important global topics and what they can do to help. Find out about ONE’s latest initiatives and current calls to action on the “Latest” tab. Once you sign in to ONE, create a new user profile or link ONE to your Facebook account, that’s your first stop.

I found a lot more than I was bargaining for during my iPhone app review of ONE Campaign. In addition to news and articles, the app is full of videos, success stories, and blog entries from ONE. My favorite feature is in the “Connect” tab. Political activism gets a whole lot closer to home in the ONE app. It puts you in touch with ONE’s regional field director in your area, has an entire events list of ways to get involved in person, and even has an option to place a call from the app to the President requesting aid for vaccinations across the world.

With ONE Campaign for iPhone there’s no excuse for bowing out. You’re three taps away from making a difference. That’s really something.


ONE Campaign app review

ONE Campaign

Social Awareness:

I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to getting involved. It was always something I would have time for later. I believe in eliminating world hunger, saving lives through improved healthcare and expanding worldwide education initiatives. I even realized that I registered for ONE years ago, but never really got involved. Later never came.

The ONE Campaign app doesn’t demand your obedience, or ask for your money. It asks for one simple thing, your voice. Then it puts the tools to use it in the most convenient application I’ve ever seen, complete with suggested scripting and explanations of causes. Causing change is not an easy process. By organizing the masses and putting foolproof tools in the hands of everybody, ONE gives good causes a fighting chance.

User Interface:

At a casual glance the ONE Campaign app looks like a news application, and in a way it is. You can use this app to keep on top of ONE’s global initiatives and triumphs in one click. The app is easy to use, clearly organized and full of gripping graphics and videos. Navigation is easily accomplished with bottom tab buttons. There is a standard back button in the upper left-hand corner and you can swipe the main articles to the left and right to open the next one. This app isn’t just altruistic, it’s smart to boot.


Making a difference with ONE Campaign won’t cost you a dime. The app is free. The information is free. Even the regional support is free. Sure, if you make those phone calls you may use a couple of minutes. How many of those do you leave lying around each month?

ONE Campaign iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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