Mixture: Just Be Glad You Aren’t Dave

Mixture - Robert Dewhurst

Mixture for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick


Price: $ .99

One of the coolest things about the AppStore (and the proliferation of iDevices) is the myriad of bizarre, awesome, and totally original games it’s spawned. With the roof taken off game development, small-time producers are free to get creative: And developer Robert Dewhurst has done just that with his iPhone app Mixture.


The gameplay of Mixture sounds like it came straight out of the Hangover: You’re in charge of a (apparently suicidal) bloke whose only goal in life is to down whatever foul concoction you put under his nose. By selecting up to five ingredients, you create smoothies of questionable nutritional value. Dave (our chap in green) then throws them back. If he likes the mix, he’ll tell you. If he doesn’t, he’ll either make a face or get sick. The idea here is to make as bad a drink as possible, and to manage this you’ll have to really get creative: Dave has quite the iron stomach.

Once he’s had a sip of what you’re pouring, the game scores you based on taste, reaction, and ingredients. Scores can then be posted to Game Center, making for likely the weirdest achievement you’ve ever earned. All in all, Mixture features some genuinely hilarious gameplay. There’s nothing cooler than making a sickeningly obnoxious cocktail, and then watching Dave shrug it off with a thumbs-up. Bravo, lad, bravo!



Mixture for iPhone

Mixture for iPhone

What’s most spectacular about this off-beat iPhone app is its design: Mixture features over 100 objects in three different categories for your recipes. You can add anything from garlic powder to absinthe, though finding the right mix is more difficult than you’d think. Dave’s animations are great as well, though some of the pouring animations can be a tad long. When you’re on your tenth drink, and only want the final reaction, sitting through yet another ingredient being added can feel tedious. That being said, the soundtrack and sounds are excellent, and the cool blue background greatly improves the tone of the piece. The developer has very lovingly crafted this iPhone app, and in the end Mixture shines with obviously polished care.

Overall Value

Mixture will you cost you a whopping dollar to try out, which is as fair a price as I’ve ever heard. For that dollar you’ll get some of the most unique gameplay available in the AppStore, as well as at least an hour of Will-He-Like-It? fun. The app does go stale after a short amount of time, as replay value is hard to come by. However, Mixture is absolutely worth the dollar it costs, and I have a feeling little kids would love Dave’s reactions even more than I did. Mixture is a solid buy and a great example of innovation in indie development. Two thumbs up!


Mixture requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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