Lamebo VS Zombies: The Black Sheep of Zombie Shooters

Lamebo VS. Zombies - Swag Soft LLP

Lamebo VS. Zombies for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick


Price: $ .99

Sporting one of the most bizarre back-stories ever seen in and iPhone app, Lamebo VS Zombies, by developer Swag Soft, offers heaps of genetically modified zombie blasting fun at a bargain price. The game mechanic is simple, but with multiple weapons and upgrades, Lamebo VS Zombies offers an incredible amount of depth—and hilariously offensive battle cries to boot!

Gameplay and Concept

My iPhone app review delved into the core of this iPhone app and found that Lamebo VS Zombies is a classic zombie shooter. You play as a lone holdout battling wave after wave of mutated invaders, leveraging ammo, accuracy and nerves. The app takes a unique approach to apocalypse narrative, though: Lamebo, the protagonist, is a genetically modified sheep with a foul-mouth and a penchant for pain. You learn all of this through an hilarious intro video before you’re dropped straight into gameplay. The main game mechanic itself is mercifully simple. Lamebo is fixed in the center of each level, and its up to you to tap the screen to shoot bullets and splat bogies. It’s easy to learn, but things still get hectic, especially when two dozen zombies are advancing at once. Beat enough baddies, and you advance one wave. Complete three of those, and you’ve conquered the level.

Lamebo VS Zombies isn’t the most complicated shooter available on the iPhone, and the developers seem to know it. They leverage the sometimes repetitive gameplay with a multitude of weapons, each with un-lockable upgrades. You’ll have to play to earn money to advance your arsenal, meaning there’s just enough incentive to keep you pounding through undead armies—though just barely. Gameplay is a bit same-old-same-old after several levels, but the promise of an upgrade just around the corner was usually enough to keep me playing.



Lamebo VS. Zombies for iPhone

Lamebo VS. Zombies for iPhone

Where Lamebo VS Zombies really picks up points is its design. The app has been given a lot of care, and the sprites are absolutely fantastic. Enemies are quite varied, especially between locations, and each has its own unique attack and health.

Having to keep track of various zombie species reminded me a lot of Left 4 Dead, and kept things interesting during the repetitive shootouts. Not only that, but Lamebo VS Zombies also comes loaded with Game Center, Facebook, and online leader board integration. If the guns aren’t enough of a carrot-on-a-stick, the drive to best all those internet punks surely will be!

Overall Value

Lamebo VS Zombies is appropriately priced at a dollar in the AppStore. For that dollar you’ll get 36 levels of zombie-mashing fun, and an endless array of upgradeable weapons. The game is a bit slow at times, but with great design and brilliant enemies, it’s certainly worth a test-drive during the morning commute.


Lamebo VS Zombies iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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