Jungle Games: Rings, Rings, Rings in the Jungle!

Jungle Games HD - Koordinauten GmbH

Jungle Games HD iPad app review

Reviewed by Luke Patrick


Price: $ .99

Do you have a thing for horseshoes, jungle vibes, and congo drums? Or how about a thing for fun iPad apps in general? If so, then Jungle Games HD, by German developer Koordinauten GmbH, has everything you could possibly want in a tropical, ring-tossing game for iOS. Let’s explore my iPad app review and uncover the gameplay within the app.


The gameplay of Jungle Games HD is probably best described as a mix between a match-three brick-breaker and horseshoes—only the whole cocktails been uprooted and moved into the middle of the jungle. You stand at one end of a field across from three poles which you must fill with tossed, multi-colored rings. Match up any three colors (either vertically or horizontally across all three poles) and the rings vanish with a score increase.

There are a total of five colors and only three poles, meaning you’ll have to strategize: Thankfully, Jungle Games gives you a preview of the next two rings to come. If you fill up all five slots on each pole, you lose the game.

The Jungle Games HD iPad app gameplay takes only a second to ascertain, but offers a whole lot of strategy once uncovered. Perhaps one of the biggest boons for the iPad app are its copious difficulty settings: The game runs from Easy (which is still quite hard) to Ultra Panic, which pits you against a timer as you attempt to score more seconds with fresh combinations. Jungle Games is a lot of fun, and is much more similar to a puzzler than it is to Brick Breaker. This app is certainly a thinking man’s game, grass-skirted tribal men or not.


Jungle Games for iPhone
Jungle Games for iPhone


As evidenced by Jungle Games’ name, this iPad app sports a whole lot of tropical vibe. The game has you tossing rings in the middle of a well-drawn jungle, all while tribal drums pound away in the background. I liked this feel, as it adds a lot of tension to the game, especially in the time-dependent difficulty modes. In-app documentation is minimal, but explanatory—a simple drawing illustrates how to throw the rings and also how to score points by matching them up. I appreciated this simplicity, but I feel like even a dash of text would go a long way.

Jungle Games is fully integrated with Game Center and Facebook, meaning you can unlock achievements and then immediately brag about them. All in all, I felt like Jungle Games had been well-baked before release, and the developer’s effort has paid off in a top-notch presentation.

Overall Value

Jungle Games is currently priced at a smooth dollar in the AppStore, which is exactly the sweet spot for this iPad app. The game offers a lot of replay value through its many difficulty settings, and with stellar design and a unique game concept, Jungle Games is a hard one to pass up—especially considering the low price of entry.

Jungle Games iPad app requires iOS 4.1 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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