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iMathematics app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: Free

Have you ever found yourself lamenting leaving your Texas Instruments scientific calculator at home, or hankering after an easy bisector equation on the go? I can’t say I’ve been there, however my more math-centric friends might be nodding their heads excitedly. Put the power of eight calculators, a fully stocked mathematics glossary and so much more right in your hands with iMathematics iPhone app from developer Antonio Giarrusso, a comprehensive math app that has it all.


Ok, so maybe you aren’t lusting after Heron’s formula. That’s ok! While reviewing iMathematics for my iPhone app review I found an app intended to be a complete math resource. Information is organized in three major categories, the form tab where topics are organized by branch, the utilities tab where the hard business of math can be met and the search tab which lists every item in the app alphabetically.

A large part of iMathematics for iPhone is definition and theory, although most of the definition pages are full of helpful formulas. These pages link off to additional resources, both internal and external, for a more thorough explanation. My only complaint is the lack of plainly worded assistance.


Standard and advanced calculators are listed in the Utilities tab. There are even equation solvers and calculators pre-configured for graphs. In the future the developer plans on populating the “Tutor” utility with teachers, creating a mobile math super power sure to rip the world asunder. Where was this app when I was in AP Calc? All joking aside, iMathematics is jam packed with features and information and always improving.

iMathematics app review



User Interface:

Such an exponential amount of information requires some serious organization. Grouping information by discipline and alphabetically helps, as does the handy tab configuration at the bottom. Once you get to information it isn’t very easy just to take a step back. Going back to the homepage and trudging through again isn’t always very appealing. This app could do with a standard back button option instead of a sporadic one.

A few side features were added in a recent update. While viewing math topic information a green arrow will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Tap this icon to open a side panel with options to save information to your favorites, send a page to the printer or share via Twitter or Facebook. These improvements help soften my feelings about the back button ordeal.

Educational Factor:

In a practical way iMathematics is not a good beginner math app, but it will be very helpful to students taking math courses or professionals who process equations represented in iMathematics’ existing utilities. Users need a solid base in mathematics before they even start to scratch the surface of this iPhone app. So don’t hand it to your third grade student and expect a big thank you.


The basic version of iMathematics is free. I’m a pretty big fan of free. However many advanced functions are locked in the basic version of this app, including the Tips&Tricks section of most topics and all the Flash-Quizzes. Probability is not available without ponying over some dough, $1.99 to be exact. That’s a pretty small price to pay for unlimited mathematical glory.


iMathematics iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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