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funtom of the opera iphone app review

Reviewed By: Philip Chan


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Hit all the right notes with FunTom to get the top score in Fun Tom of the Opera for the iOS! FunTom of the Opera takes a creative approach to controls by having the player use his voice, not the touch screen, to play the game. Interested in this unique gem? Check out this iPhone app review to learn more!


Essentially, players must alter their voice to the right tone to keep the onscreen “note” at the right level long enough, causing the wine glass (or other objects) to shatter. It is a zany idea and one that would look rather silly on the subway, in class, or anywhere else in public. However, in the privacy of one’s own home, FunTom of the Opera fits right in.

From the start, you can select to Resume your previous games, start a new game, and follow the developers on Facebook and Twitter. First time users will be greeted by FunTom with a brief intro to the game. After that, you are on your own as you tackle the many different levels of this intriguing iPhone app game.

Once you have beaten a level, you can elect to repeat the level, view other levels on the main menu, or go to the next level (just like in many other level-based iOS games, including the popular Angry Birds).

Levels aren’t just about hitting one note and causing the glass to shatter. You’ll face all kinds of voice challenge problems throughout FunTom of the Opera, including switching between high and low, timed regions and more. You are timed, shown on screen by a slowly lowering curtain, so you have to hit the right notes without dawdling around! Gamers won’t be stuck just shattering a wine glass, as there are loads of different objects to break with your wonderful voice abilities (wink wink) throughout FunTom of the Opera.


Graphical Layout:

funtom app review

FunTom of the Opera

Graphically appealing, Fun Tom of the Opera looks great on iOS devices. The layout, while rather simple (not a whole lot of different buttons), makes it easy to jump right into the game. Fun Tom is the main character and while his design is a little surprisingly at first, he actually fits right into the theme of the game nicely. Check out this wonderful YouTube clip of Fun Tom of the Opera in action to get a better idea of the nicely done graphics in this game.


Fun Tom of the Opera is a fairly easy game to get the hang of, but it’s still quite challenging to beat all the levels. Having to hit just the right note can be quite a challenge, but that’s a good thing as it helps keep this game interesting. Throw in the timer effect and you really have to be good at controlling your voice tone, making for some interesting moments! The little intro tutorial is really helpful and both young and old should feel right at home with Fun Tom of the Opera.


FunTom of the Opera is a pretty entertaining app. Plus, it is one of the few game apps that really makes sense of the microphone on iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads. FunTom of the Opera is still a very creative and innovative game and other app developers would do well to take note of this app!


FunTom of the Opera iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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