Foursquare Updated iPhone App: Quicker, Easier, and Cleaner

Foursquare iPhone app review

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Within less than a day of reaching over ten million registrants, Foursquare, the company debuted the release of an updated version of their iPhone app , version 3.2. Foursquare is a tremendously popular and powerful  iPhone app that allows you to stay updated within your social circle. With Foursquare you will stay in the know with special insider tips, and your barraged with offers, discounts, and freebies on the go.


The primary revamped feature of the Foursquare iPhone updated app is the ease of use “check in” process. The populating list of surrounding areas loads much quicker cutting down your check in time. With this new feature, existing and new users can simply check in through the main navigation toolbar rather than having to go through the “Friends” or “Places” sections to do so.

The “check in” interface has also been tidied up a bit creating a neater overall look. The “check in” tab has been moved to the center bottom of the menu. Also, the solitary “Shout” button has been removed. Since the “shout” function works like a status update, which informs your friends where you are and what you are doing, Foursquare has made the “shouts” location based. Now the “shouts” function has been combined with the check in feature. Thus if you decide to leave a “shout”, you will need to enter a text message or comment when checking in.



The “Explore” tab has also been revamped as well. This function assists its users in navigating between nearby specific locations and surrounding areas that are currently recommended or deemed as most popular. Locations with special offers can also be more easily navigated. Instead of searching forever for deals and steals, you can now just click over to the “Explore” tab once you have finished checking in and you can get a quick overview of the specials happening near you.

If you have not downloaded the Foursquare iPhone app yet, it is a pretty good thing to add even if you do not necessarily appreciate people knowing your every move and whereabouts. Since you can get special discounts and tips on the go, not only is this app socially connecting, but money and time saving as well. Plus, it’s free!

Foursquare iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 

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