Find Them All: Looking for Animals is Like Pokemon, Only Better

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Find Them All iPhone Video App Review

Find Them All Universal App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

My iPhone app review today discovers that Find Them All looking for animals, by French developer KnbMedia, features one of the coolest educational games available on the iPad or iPhone. The iPhone app is not without its faults (pronunciation and grammar can be a bit off at times) but considering Find Them All’s stellar pricing, its strengths easily make it one of the best language acquisition apps on the market.


As with all educational iPhone apps, Find Them All : looking for animals attempts to do what all good parents do naturally: Distract the kids with entertainment, all while teaching them a valuable lesson. The lesson here is, of course, the names of various animals. Most children like animals, and using them as a springboard for learning new words is a great teaching method. Find Them All accomplishes this by having your child search through a landscape for the specified creature. A tiny, talking sun along the top of the screen will instruct the little to look for—say—a frog, and your child must then find and click said frog. Once accomplished, a picture card with the animal appears, and its name is repeated. This hide-and-seek mechanic is a great way to introduce new animals to small children, and the app offers a lot of other incentives to boot.

When a level is complete, all of the farm hands involved are available for the clicking, meaning your child can go back through and hear anew the name of whatever animal it liked best. Not only that, but a camera is also unlocked, allowing the youngin’ to take stunning photos, which are saved to the app’s album. This is a great mechanic, and even more of a carrot-on-a-stick to get your child learning.



Find Them All Universal App

Find them all: looking for animals

One of the most important elements of any educational app is its design, and Find Them All succeeds where it matters most. The app’s landscapes are inviting and calm, and the animals themselves are adorable. Included small-touches, like wobbly-heads on the animal cards, add up to a very pleasant experience for both the adult and the child.

The English is a bit off at times. For instance, all animals are preceded by a definite article, which sounds strange in English. Likewise, the sun’s accent isn’t optimal for first language acquisition. Thankfully, the included French (which I’m assuming is the developer’s native language) is spot on, meaning you have no excuse not to teach your child the French language! Not much of one, anyway.

Overall Value

Best of all, Find Them All : looking for animals is free in the AppStore with more animals available for in-app purchase. This is a fantastically designed iPhone app that’s guaranteed to entertain and educate your child. With a free price tag, it easily earns a full recommendation.


Find Them All : looking for animals iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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