FDA Approves iPhone Blood Pressure Cuff

Withing's Cuff

Reviewed by Philip Chan


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have just approved a new home iPhone blood pressure cuff for use in the private market. It’s an interesting step in the advancement of iOS health technology and really shows the importance of mobile devices in the healthcare industry.

iPhone Health Apps 2.0

Described by developer Withing as a way “for an easy and accurate self-measurement of your blood pressure,” this device boasts a range of measurements from 0 to 285 mmHg, accuracy of 2% of reading, controlled pressure release valves and more. It’s a fairly slick-appearing device, a very “Web 2.0” style of design, almost a night and day difference from the clunk cuff your doctor may use.

While it’s doubtful that this iOS capable device will replace traditional blood pressures cuffs, it may very well catch on with home users looking for something light, portable and easy to use. The FDA approval is a very good sign for the mobile health iPhone app industry, with more and more healthcare-focused iPhone apps being released daily.


Withing's Cuff App

Withing’s blood pressure cuff isn’t a standalone device; rather, it functions on the iOS platform alongside a free iOS app. The app, available for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, allows users to send an email to their healthcare provider with their systolic/diastolic values, sync with Google Health or Microsoft’s Healthvault, track readings over time and backup their values.

It’s an interesting advancement in terms of mobile-powered healthcare with some nice options for the consumer. It’s worth noting that Withing’s website states the storage of the user’s health data is secure, but consumers wary of online data storage may be hesitant over these claims. Only time will tell if such private online medical records will catch on with users.

The cuff itself is not cheap, rolling in at $129.99, but it may very well be quite useful to a select audience. For users wary of free blood pressure machines at local pharmacies and groceries stores, due to sanitation, transportation or tech concerns, this may be just the perfect device.  Still interested? Check out Withing’s product page on this new item. It’s already available for customers in the U.S. to order currently and will quite possibly usher in a new era of iOS-related health devices.

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