Duck Hunt AR: Hunting Season Comes to Your Living Room


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Duck Hunt AR iPhone Video App Review

DuckHunt AR iPhone App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Some of our nostalgic (and older) readers may remember well the classic game Duck Hunt. It was a game of infinite animal abuse and infinite fun, spawning many a childhood memory. Thankfully, that ye olden yarn from yore has not been lost, as the developers over at InfinityK have so graciously concocted Duck Hunt AR, an iPhone app with a new spin on an old classic.


For those unfamiliar with the premise of Duck Hunt, you are a hapless hunter with an overly sarcastic dog and a sky full of ducks that need a good blasting. You are positioned at one end of a field while ducks fly up from the brush at the other end. The waterfowl fly about for a bit, and in that time you have to shoot them—the game gives you three shots to do so, or the duck flies away. If you miss enough ducks, you’ll fail the level. However, peg enough of the birds and you can advance to the next: Duck Hunt AR iPhone app has kept on the infinite levels scheme of the original, meaning the sky’s the limit as far as your high score can go.

For those unfamiliar with the other part of Duck Hunt AR—the alternate reality bit— our iPhone app review will show how the game uses the iPhone’s built-in camera to capture the real world, then overlays the game on top of that. This means the game creates a screen in front of, say, your living room from which you can wildly spin about while tapping the screen to fire at ducks. It’s a beautiful concept that’s orchestrated well here. Duck Hunt is a great choice for an alternate reality game, and the developers have done a great job keeping the calibration in line.


DuckHunt AR iPhone App

Duck Hunt AR for iPhone


One of my biggest fears for Duck Hunt AR was its design: Does it keep the graphics, sounds, and feel of the original? Thankfully, none of my fears were founded, as Duck Hunt AR is exactly the classic experience you hope it is. The game features the same eight bit graphics, the same sarcastic dog that sniggers when you miss a duck, and the same generic environment. Fans of the old game will feel right at home here—the game even has the original’s sounds—and will be delighted by the addition of the alternate reality twist.

Overall Value

Fan boys and new devotees alike will find a lot to love about Duck Hunt AR. Not only does the app feature world-class gameplay that’s been redesigned for modern equipment, but with a stellar one-dollar pricing in the AppStore, the game truly is hard to pass up. With an infinite amount of fun, a great presentation, and a phenomenal price, Duck Hunt AR deserves a full five stars and a hearty recommendation.

Duck Hunt AR iPhone app requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with Compatible with iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Elden says:

    I’ve tried it, great game, very nice controls.

  2. sheila A says:

    I must say this application is superb, especially its latest version which is called ”Mario Duck Hunt | Mario Games” updated! Try it in your iphone and ipad as well, it’s amazing. You can get new 3 things-Extra bonus level, New Jingles for the game and the most important Finally users will be able to kill the annoying DOG. Get it @

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