Dog Yourself Photo Booth: Dogs Now Playing Poker (Or Anything Else You Have A Picture Of)

Dog Yourself Photo Booth - Single Digit Labs Inc.

Dog Yourself iPhone App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $ .99

There have been a lot of fun photo booth style iPhone apps to hit the AppStore, now that the iPhone is sporting dual cameras. Dog Yourself Photo Booth, by developer Single Digit Labs, falls in this category, offering a novelty photo editing feature in which your photos’ faces can be replaced by, of all things, dog heads.


When give the chance, Dog Yourself will scan any supplied photos for faces, and then replace those human mugs with 3D dog heads. The result is an (hopefully) hilarious mix of human bodies with cute, cuddly, and scary dog faces. Users can either rely on the app’s built-in software to recognize and arrange the canines, or they can manipulate the heads themselves. Once a pic has been edited, users can then either save the photo to their iPhone, email it to a friend, tweet about it on Twitter, or spam it straight to their Facebook wall.

For the most part, the app’s face-recognition works very well. The app warns you to avoid face-obscuring objects like hair, hats, or sunnies, and rightfully so—Dog Yourself had a great deal of trouble finding faces when someone’s mug was covered up. However, when revealed, the app found most faces I shoved at, and was even able to correctly place a dog head to match. Saving to either my device or to the cloud was a cinch as well, and I encountered no bugs, crashes or lag during my testing of Dog Yourself.



Dog Yourself iPhone App

Dog Yourself iPhone App

The iPhone app credits a fair list of designers in its about page, and I feel like that effort shows in Dog Yourself’s design. The iapp looks good, and manipulating photos and dog heads is a fairly simple affair. It takes a minute to become accustomed to the app’s 3D, rotation, and dragging tools, but once down its relatively easy to get a head just where you want it. You’re free to pinch-and-zoom both the original photo and the dog head, making it easy to do size readjustments. Likewise, rotating or extruding the head in any direction is a drag away—a concept that did take me a minute to conquer, even with the in-app documentation.

Though the app claims its faces are high-resolution, some of the included dogs do look pixelated in the final product, knocking a small amount of fun from the app.

Overall Value

Dog Yourself comes in a free flavor with in-app purchase, as well as a premium model with more dog heads. Either will suffice if you’re looking for a quick laugh. If you truly enjoy the app’s features, a dollar for the premium app will hardly break the bank, and with easy-to-use features, a fun mechanic and an excellent interface, your money will be well-spent.

Dog Yourself iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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