Leaks and Tarragon and Beets! Oh My! Take the Bite Out of Cooking with Cooktorial

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Cooktorial Video iPhone App Review

Cooktorial app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

As the economy continues to flounder sometimes your kitchen cupboards can show signs of the times. For cooks with a basic grasp of how to boil water without burning it, a couple of eggs, flour, salt and butter may not look like dinner. But to Cooktorial, my new favorite kitchen iPhone app from Webst Consulting S.A., it looks like homemade pasta in a light sauce. Give your budget a break and make the most of each meal with Cooktorial.


I’m not completely helpless in the kitchen, but, like everybody else, I have ingredients that sit on my shelves week after week. Eventually they will expire and end up in the dump instead of on my table. Orphan ingredients are just one of the things Cooktorial promises to whisk into submission in my kitchen. I felt that I was up to my iPhone app review challenge, but my spice rack looked a little scared.

It turns out there was nothing to worry about. Cooktorial is a straight forward iPhone app. Simply enter the items you have sitting unused in your cupboards in Cooktorial’s ingredient database. Enter as few or as many as you’d like (the more you add the better the results). When you have the items entered tap on “Show Results” to view possible meals you can make from your ingredients, complete with easy to follow recipes and tips. In case you forgot to mention an ingredient or two it will even suggest meals with an extra item you don’t have.


Cooktorial app review



One of the reasons Cooktorial for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch works well for cooks of all levels is the app’s customization options. Results may be filtered by difficulty (easy, medium or hard), duration and even type of kitchen. After all, Jamaican recipes wouldn’t do someone with a Moroccan kitchen much good, now would they? There’s also a “Most Common Ingredients” button that keeps track of items you previously entered. How thoughtful.

User Interface:

Cooktorial attempts to organize long lists of food to choose from and search result in easily navigated categories. The recipes, settings and results are easy enough to navigate. Cooktorial even organizes available recipe results by difficulty, time and kitchen. Searching for food is slightly more frustrating. I found myself wishing for a search option a couple of times, or looking for an item that wasn’t readily available on the food lists. In the app’s defense, there’s a lot of food out there, and it is relatively comprehensive.


It is free to download Cooktorial. We all know how I feel about free iPhone apps. The only downside is that you will only have a limited amount of searches and ads will be on-screen to support the app. There is an in-app option to “unlock” additional features. It costs $.99 to remove the ads from the app or $1.99 to enable unlimited searches. Even without these additional features, Cooktorial is a fun app with a lot of potential.

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Cooktorial iPhone app requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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