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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Are you pursuing a continuing education credit? Are you listening to track after track of boring lectures in an attempt to renew your medical license (or even just your membership at the local Comic Hole)? If so, then you should seriously consider Continuing Education Tracker by developer InnoWeb Tech. It’s a bargain-price iPhone app that will help you stay focused and organized.


My iPhone app review found Continuing Education Tracker to be a do-it-all iPhone pp intended to help you pursue continuing education credits, meaning it will track your progress, help you budget, keep you on deadline, and do everything just short of earning the credits for you. From the very first screen, you can easily input any license you’re pursuing, be it medical, legal, educational, or other. For the sake of this review I created an imaginary App Reviewing Certification, and—though the certificate is utter bull—Continuing Education Tracker had no problem tracking my “progress.”

The iPhone app allows you to first input the license you’re earning using a simple form, and then track your progress through various courses. Courses are tied to their specific heading via a handy checkbox, meaning as you knock of hours the app will keep a tally and report back to you on the home screen. The app tracks important information like deadlines, budget counts, credit hours earned, and even the state of issue. If you’re pursuing multiple licenses, you can easily add them to the stack. Likewise, you’re free to track individual courses, meaning you can take baby steps as you go along. Continuing Education Tracker is a wonderful utility for any professional in continuing education, and it’s guaranteed to increase your efficiency.



Continuing Education Tracker for iPhone

Continuing Education Tracker for iPhone

Another tremendous boon in the app’s favor is its simplistic design. Viewing your progress is as simple as opening the app and looking at the front page. Your progress along the course, as well as through your budget, is splayed out in plain view. If you have more licenses to look at, just swipe left or right to take a gander.

Putting in new courses or goals is as easy as filling out a simple form, and you can even email your itinerary and progress back to yourself (or others) to keep things organized.  Not only that, but the sheer art-design of the iPhone app is top-notch, as the app looks fantastic on the iPhone.

Overall Value

At a dollar in the AppStore, Continuing Education Tracker is a cheap and efficient way to track your continuing education. The app is easy to use, beautiful to look at, and guaranteed to keep you on the right path. With rock-solid features and a very clear use in a lot of people’s lives, Continuing Education Tracker is a right catch in the AppStore for those in need.


Continuing Education Tracker requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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