Bricks Buster Brings Out the Same Ball-Breaking Gameplay

Bricks Buster - TopLineSoft Systems

Bricks Buster for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick


Price: $ .99

Alas, there have been plenty of other Brick Breaker iPhone app clones in the AppStore. To be sure, Bricks Buster is no different. The iPhone app, by developer TopLineSoft Systems, offers the same solid gameplay mechanic with very few additions, making for a solid—if unoriginal—iPhone remake.


If you have ever played a Brick Breaker-style game on any platform, then you know exactly what Bricks Buster has to offer. You’re in charge of a paddle that rests along the bottom of the screen. By moving the paddle left and right, you control the movements of a single (or sometimes split) ball that bounces between you and a wall of bricks. Every time the ball hits a block, it disappears. If you let the ball fall, it’s game over. This gameplay continues until either all the blocks are gone, or you run out of extra lives.

My iPhone app review of Bricks Buster found that this mechanic is nothing new, and was perhaps most famously exhibited on the BlackBerry system. There are literally hundreds of these clones in the AppStore, and where Bricks Buster most needed to supply it fell a bit short: The game is low on new innovation, though it does add some interesting power-ups. These include wide-paddle, sticky-bar, slow-ball, and fast-ball. However, these are the only fresh breaths of air in an otherwise well-known arena. That being said, Bricks Buster is just as fun as the original, though with less shine than the classic.



Bricks Buster for iPhone

Bricks Buster for iPhone

Thankfully, Bricks Buster does feature very solid design. There were no bugs or hidden lag-pits that I could find, and the art-style is pleasantly bright to boot. Both the bricks and the paddle itself are rounded and plush looking, while the menus are just as easy on the eyes. However, the game could certainly do with either Game Center or Open Feint integration. Having that carrot-on-a-stick would add even more meat to Bricks Buster’s bones.

You will get 20 levels for your money, which is a plus in the app’s favor. That being said, an endless mode, or even a timed game mechanic, would add some much needed innovation.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, Bricks Buster is a solid Brick Breaker clone that offers the exact classic gameplay you’d expect. The app offers a decent amount of fun that features endless replay value. But no matter how you slice it, Bricks Buster is just nothing new in the AppStore. Thankfully, the app’s one dollar pricing means it won’t break your bank, and you’ll certainly get your money’s worth. Whether your money is best spent elsewhere rests with you. In the in-between, Bricks Buster still offers hours of retro gaming in a pinch.


Bricks Buster iPhone app requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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