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Bible Audio Pronunciations Video iPhone App Review

Bible Audio Pronunciations for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you know your Shear-Jashub from your Abednego? Odds are you don’t, or at least there are a few biblical terms and names which you’re a bit rusty on. But have no fear! If you stumble across a word in the Bible you can’t pronounce—or know nothing about—Bible Audio Pronunciations iPhone app by developer Pronunciation Apps has you covered. This iPhone app review will help you discover how to pronounce words in the bible.

Form and Function

Put simply, Bible Audio Pronunciations for iPhone is an encyclopedic resource for biblical terms, complete with out-loud pronunciation of each. This means that, no matter what term you’re confused about, the app likely has it, and has it pronounced. This will clear up any embarrassing slips at your next Bible study, but Bible Audio Pronunciations offers a bit more than that yet. The app features links to Google and Wikipedia for each term listed, meaning you’re free to learn about the items, too. Now that you know how to pronounce Epaenetus, want to know more about the details? Just hit the Wikipedia tag and away you go.

Bible Audio Pronunciations is by and large a very functional app. Terms are alphabetized and are easy to peruse, especially with the help of the included query bar. The included in-app browser is certainly adequate, though it is locked into mobile mode for both Google and Wikipedia. If you’d like to view both sites in their full desktop splendor (or even just in Safari for iPhone) there’s no convenient way to share a link, or save it for viewing later on your Mac or PC.


Design and Looks

Bible Audio Pronunciations for iPhone

Bible Audio Pronunciations for iPhone

It’s safe to say that Bible Audio Pronunciations iPhone app has been designed with functionality in mind. Everything about the app has been streamlined for optimal browsing: Terms are given in a single, sprawling list with stock iOS design flavoring. There are no fancy menus here, or hardly any menus at all. Simply click a term, and the overbearing play button is waiting for you. Navigating to more information via the Internet is a simple button click away, as well. Likewise, the in-house browser itself shirks everything save a forward and back button, allowing the information to come through unscathed. Bible Audio Pronunciations is a crew-cut app, and that’s certainly a good thing.

Overall Value

Bible Audio Pronunciations is priced at the ever-green-dollar spot in the AppStore, though there is a free version available as well. Packing over a thousand biblical terms, the app is certainly a worthy resource. However, it is worth noting that the same information is readily available for free on the Internet. Outside of pronunciations, the app itself even relies on Wikipedia for details. But for your app money you’ll be getting a quick and convenient repository of a thousand difficult terms, all contained in one well-designed package. If that sounds like a bargain, don’t hesitate: Bible Audio Pronunciations won’t disappoint.


Bible Audio Pronunciations requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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